Trading The ES500 With CycleTrader MadeEasy Indicators on March 12th

Trading can be made simple to trade with good indicators and education.

With the CycleTrader MadeEasy Indicators, the goal was to make it Green to Buy and Red to Sell.

This video shows one day of following these easy rules.


19 Made Easy Indicators

The projected started out as a way to see the filters live on the screen.  We then created a way to add all the filters to one filter so we could see a consensus called the Percentage Filter. It’s a percentage of indicators, filters that are long or short.

As we developed the MadeEasy Indicators, we added 3 additional data streams to choose from. In other words, you could apply the filter to a 5 minute chart, but use a 15 or 30 minute indicators. You can now easily see the bigger picture which is what we call Trend using short term charts.


ES SP500 Chart with Percentage and GreenLine MadeEasy

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