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Excellent Pattern Video that will help you make money starting in 15 minutes.

Customer Comment – The cycles worked beautifully even in a sideways market. I sold the cycle tops one tick below the red number ones with the cycle counter and placed a stop one tick above the high.  Also, took the trades that broke below the breakout bands. Had to trail because we were in the C-Zone you taught me. Only with your help, you are the best!  My dad was a petroleum geologist and was a firm believer in cycle! You have sold me on Cycles, I count not trade any other way. Richard – Day Trader

Customer Comments – Your stuff really works… I have studied with everybody, and your cycles and technical approach finally put the markets into perspective for me – Mitch M. Trader

Customer Comment – Hello Jerome, I have got to tell you that trading using the smooth volume indicator is incredible… John L – Day Trader – 8/21/18