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Trading The Markets Using Different Time Frames - CycleTrader Made Easy Indicators

A long time ago, my father taught me to look at longer term cycles to determine trends. Back then, we barley had computers to chart the markets.

With today’s technology, we have applied this same principle to adding our indicators to longer term charts.  You will now be able to step back and see the bigger picture.

The markets are always going to try to shake you out. Start to apply your indicators to also look at longer term charts.

Close Strength Value – ES

Sample of trading a 10 min ES chart, but also looking at the indicator values on of the Close Strength of the 30 and 45 minute charts on one screen.

The period was set to 25 which will show you a longer term view.

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ES SP500 Chart - Close Strength Value

Close Strength Value -Crude

On this Crude Chart, we set it to 10 period and 10 minute chart. We then set the linger term charts to be equal at 20, and 30 minutes.

The arrows on the bottom shows how you could have stayed in for the big move. The arrows on the top 2 indicators show potential down moves, but as soon as they all started to turn back green, then this was your trade to buy and hold.

ES SP500 Chart - Close Strength Value