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CycleTrader Indicators


Why do you need new Indicators?
How will they make YOU money? That's the question, right?

We understand, it’s a fair question.

Let’s talk about what CycleTRADER has produced and consider if there is a possible fit for you. It’s not for everyone. However, if it is for you, then you can begin to experience all of the advantages we have designed.

Regardless of what you ultimately decide, please watch the video on the bottom of this page for a Swing Cycle Trend pattern that you can execute today without CT indicators. You can begin generating more money trading right after watching it — consider it our gift to you, simply for arriving here at our site and seeing if we might be a fit for you. Although this pattern can be used without them, having CycleTrader Indicators makes this Swing Cycle Trend pattern easier to execute, because it makes the pattern clearer and easier to see.

Our company principles have remained consistent… to imagine and produce a better strategy for trading the markets with custom indicators, systems, and education. We formulate these approaches for our clients, so they can build confidence when trading their accounts, and the ideas we design benefit our progress to be better traders too – by helping others.

Chart Patterns

Most CT indicators are coded encompassing chart pattern models rather than other conventional dated approaches that use averages.


We additionally coded approaches utilizing volume more efficiently and applied cycles to make this all operate collectively, for beginners and seasoned traders.


Cycle methodology is a significant advancement in how to immediately see market shifts and trend reversals. Be on the right side of trades more often.

Discover some remarkable production.

Our production inspires traders to observe the strength and variations in the markets. The CycleTrader Indicators illustrate them in a style so that you recognize it. The trend is most significant and is #1 on our progress list followed by #2 entry then #3 exit advantages. We appreciate all the ingredients of thriving trade and place these purposes into all the effort we do for you.

A trader's career would be immeasurable if they could identify market variations and trends in real-time?

Most all indicators are moving averages represented differently to demonstrate current trends.

There will be a limited evaluation on your part when you use CycleTrader to see market shifts and trends.

Seeing is believing...

You will "Feel," "See" or "Hear" the correct view of market trends more frequently!

We coded our indicators towards chart patterns and cycles to discovered fundamental enhanced techniques to confirm these trends more reliable than most other developers.

Connect with all the traders who can't breathe without CycleTrader

25 plus years in the business of creating trading Indicators that work for you!

When CycleTrader Indicators turn, prepare to enter or exit the markets. Trading is energy/momentum/trend based. Hold an understanding; markets can correct trend patterns 3 to 7 times a day ordinarily. See trends happen in real-time.

Be Powerful…

When you advance with CycleTrader... anticipate getting back more than you negotiated for!

32 Cycle Trader Indicators

Observe trends and reversals like a pro in no time. Each Indicator cost more to produce than the total price you can get all of them for today.

21 Made Easy Indicators

Buy when they are green and sell when they are red. It does not get any easier.

5 New Smooth Chart Types

One of a kind charting package that will support you stay in for the significant market progress in the correct direction.

Has your future ultimately ready to shift to be a positive trader more often?

Isn't it time that you started to secure more money trading more consistently rather than see it blunder away?

Take CycleTrader for an investigation journey.

There is nothing to lose as they would say by trying then out.

Grow immediately and discover how we analyze the markets clearly which is understandably why CT Indicators have been around for so long.

I put my spirit and philosophy into this project for all of use to be better traders. This does not stop here. We are always discovering even better idea for our customers each year. We welcome you to our members of traders who desire to make money trading.
Free Trail

Have you ever question what the exact trend was?

Take CycleTRADER for an investigation journey.

Have you determined the most best point to enter the market?
Then the choicest price point to exit?
Did you even wondered if there were indicators that could show these patterns?

The simple answer is YES! There are indicators available!

They are called CycleTRADER Indicators. And we even went the extra mile by creating the Smooth Chart types - great combination to trade the markets successfully.
Free Trail

Once you own CycleTrader Indications… “it” would be challenging to trade without them.


Don’t be neglected in the gloom of skepticism concerning if you should buy or sell, or hold any longer than now.

Customer Comment - Hi, Jerome, Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Thank you for all your hard work. You have made the best product on the market.
Tom E
Trader, AZ

Trade any market...

  • E-Mini S&P 500 (ES)
  • E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ)
  • E-Mini Dow (YM)
  • WTI Crude Oil (CL)
  • Brent Oil (BRN)
  • DAX 30 (FDAX)
  • DJ Eurostoxx 50 (FESX)
  • FTSE 100 (Z)
  • 30 Year US T-Bonds (ZB)
  • Corn (ZC)
  • Soybeans (ZS)
  • RBOB (RB)
  • S&P 500 (SP)
  • Heating Oil (HO)
  • Japanese Yen (6J)
  • Canadian Dollar (6C)
  • Dollar Index (DX)
  • 10 Year US T-Notes (ZN)
  • Ultra T-Bond (UB)
  • 10 Yr German Bond (FGBL)
  • Natural Gas (NG)
  • Euro FX (6E)
  • Nikkei (NKD)
  • Gold (GC)
  • Silver (SI)
  • Copper (HG)

Have you additional concluded it is challenging to identify what indicators to buy that strive?

I understand your reasoning and unquestionably, you should… We have been here exceeding 25 years not by mistake or misfortune, but with the substantial work and energy we put into everything we create, so you profit!

People analyze why I produce these productions?

Simple! It serves me to create original concepts for myself too.

With this faith of accommodating others to be better at identifying cycle tops, bottoms and trends it all works!  I am also improving myself too…It’s a win-win for everyone connected.

CycleTrader Indicators continue to be one of a kind, and they will assist you. Welcome the excitement to see cycle bottoms, tops and market trends like you have wanted for years. Don’t be contained in the market’s buried secrets any longer! Create wealth with the possibility of the trading with CycleTrader.

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The very story continues.

Why Additional Indicators?
What can they do for me?
All valid questions and concerns!

If "it" looks good, or sounds good, or feels good...then "it" is!

Only you can make the choice to join the CycleTrader members, We all welcome you when you do! And these are not for everyone, I don’t know if they are even for you, but you have to make the move forward to even know the answer(s).

Get fired up – I can send you CycleTrader today so you can start to explore the markets like a pro!

30 Day Guarantee

If CycleTrader does not work for you, simply request a refund. We want them to work for you, we don’t just need the money.

Swing High/Low Trend Following System

If you do not join our successful members, then take 15 minutes to watch this video and become a better trader just by following these swing cycle high/low patterns. It is my gift to you for being here.

CycleTRADER upgrade

Update Features

New Indicators

  • #1 – WMI – Charts the open, high, low, last of the volume difference with swing high and low cycles. 
  • #4 – DSI Indicator – Double Smooth Indicator
  • #5 – MSI Indicator – Momentum Smooth Indicator
  • #09a – CycleWave Tick Range – Measures the difference from cycle low to high, vice versa for high to low
  • #13 Vol1 – Charts the volume difference for each bar – Moved it to it’s own panel

Changed the color and width of the following indicators so they appear nicer and more effective on your charts.

  • #7 Close Strength Value
  • #8 Tick Momentum
  • #9a Cycle Tick Range
  • #14a, SMA Open Close Double
  • #16 Last Price Line
  • #30, Continued Volume – Added swing cycles view and moving average
  • Modified the #6 PPI & the #9 CycleWave by adding the DSI and MSI into the settings, then defaulted the inputs for the cycle range and updated the indicators.

For a limited time, you can update for $49.

Chart with all the updates in it.