CycleTRADER Indicators

Each of the Matrix indicators plays its own part in showing you the current trends and trend reversals.

For example, when the VMI (Volume Momentum Indicator) turns up (cyan color), the market goes up, and vice versa.

The Matrix is a forward-thinking approach that combines a mix of CT’s Indicators:

  • Volume difference
  • Chart patterns
  • Trading Indicators

We combine all these values into one value that becomes one charted indicator.

We provide chart templates for you when you sign up that adds certain sets of indicator groups to your charts for a fast start. Learning how to use CycleTRADER only takes a moment since we color coded all the CT indicators. One color up and all down colors are red.

All the newest CT indicators run on NinjaTrader 8 – But we also have NT7 available

CycleTRADER Indicators, they come with CycleTRADER Smooth Charts

We also have NinjaTrader 7 CycleTRADER indicators the NT7 Auto Trading SystemsHere

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