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Here in the CycleTrader Pro Trade Room, you’ll be instructed by one of the most successful e-mini day traders of all-time, Jerome Bressert.

We day trade the e-mini stock index futures markets, focusing mostly on the S&P 500 index, relying on the ES contract. At times, we’ll also trade the NQ (NASDAQ 100), YM (Dow 30), and RL (Russell 2000) e-minis, too.

In our Trade Room, we not only issue buy and sell signals, but we take traders through our exhaustive train of thought, step by step, as each new trade setup materializes.

Our Trade Room members always know the ‘why, how and when’ of why we’re entering or exiting each trade. Even better, our ‘play by play’ real-time market commentary provides each member with a priceless cycle trading education.

Most of what Jerome teaches in the Trade Room is simply unobtainium in lesser trade rooms. Therefore, you not only get winning trade calls that you can take in your own account, but you also receive a world-class, one-of-a-kind cycles trading education that might cost a fortune on its own.

What a deal!

All throughout the trading session, Jerome posts real-time cycles charts (on a wide variety of time frames) and commentary. He also offers live audio commentary, thus giving you yet another trading edge.

The ultimate goal of our Trade Room is to equip a new generation of cycles-savvy traders, enabling them to confidently, consistently and profitably trade the various e-mini stock index futures markets.

You are not likely to find a better e-mini trading room anywhere – at any price.

Join the CycleTrader Pro Trade Room today, and finally get your trading career on the right track.

Trade Room Customer Reviews

Every trader seeks Alpha, (the truth). While I have tried different systems and rules, the only consistent rules based system is Cycle Trader Pro.

Consistency is trading over time with a growing equity fund balance. Not only is your SW product technically rock solid, the new Chat room and discussion of rules with your commentary, is consistent.

This consistency has led me to 3 months of cash distributions from my fund to cover a mortgage. This is Alpha. This is the goal.
Paul W
Its not every day you find a trade room where you don't guess on trades , but follow their math I have followed Jerome Bressert for over 5 years with trading. He has come a long ways from then.

He explains all his trades and allows me to feel comfortable learning how he does it.

In the trade room he shows links to all is patterns which makes it easy to follow. I am new to this still, but he is one of the best for me at least. Thank you!!!
Renee R
I have know Jerome since 1989 when he was in the S&P pit in Chicago.

I saw him mess up for lots of years. He knows how to fix things and I can see now from the bottom of my heart, he has figured these patterns out.

Watching him in the room and following his patterns is like watching his father Walter Bressert in hyper speed.

I have been a believer in the Bressert work my entire life. Jerome has shown and proved this. We watched him trade successfully the hardest 30 days ever recorded and his success shows we can trust his work.
Ron J
How do you start with how amazing Jerome has become. I met him years ago and I was like, ok ok, ok. We did a few trades together and was not that amazing.

So, what did he do? He said, stop and let me come back to this. I respect that.

Then in early 2019, he started a trade room and it went good. Then he said he is stopping it because he did not have all the education lined up.

NOW!!!!!!!!!!! he started it again and nailed it. ALL the information is online and he follows it. I trust his work and do too and never made so much money... Thank you!!!!
Mike M
Hello Jerome! A little review of the room this far, and of course you can use my posts:

Jerome is a master trader. He trades his conviction, and at the same time has the mental flexibility to adjust his vision when the math (his system/indicators) tells him to do so.

Not only is he teaching his time tested method, but we also get instruction about the mindset that is essential for every trader to have for success. Jerome is a top 4% trader.
Very grateful to be in your room Good Sir!
Botond H
To say I am very very impressed with Jerome and would be far understanding my true feelings. I have been looking for years for something rather safe that can grow money in good times and in bad times. During the past month of historic dynamics in the futures market and the world... Jerome, you and your system proved to be just what I have been looking for. My expectations were way surpassed. I was shocked at how you masterfully used your system and highly profited during such huge uncertainty. Well done! You deserve great honors!
Robert T
How do I start? When I meet Jerome a year ago, he told me he had a plan on how to make money day trading. He showed me all his work and said if you do this, or this, you will make money.

Well, 1 year later, he started the trade room and he walked his talk. in fact, for the first time, I am actually making money day trading. He said that I would hate him as he taught me because I would be changing my way of trading. In fact, I sort of did. But he said I would love him at the end. Well, Love is a big word, but I do respect him and trust his math. TO JEROME... THANK YOU!!!
Bader I
As any seasoned trader knows, there are lots and lots of trading strategies, systems and indicators out there.

I've tried dozens of them and have yet to find one that works consistently and that can be relied on.

This Cycle Trader trading methodology is different. It's a combination of different indicators, different trading strategies and a different mindset.

Best of all, with the Trade Room, it's not necessary to buy the strategy and trade it on your own in order to find out if it works or not.

All you have to do is follow along and see the results. It's not free, but free things are seldom appreciated anyway. The indicators and strategies can be overwhelming at first. It takes lots of effort and work to understand them and to put them into practice.

This, however, is part of the reason why the Cycle Trader strategy will continue to produce positive results. Most traders won't be willing to put out the effort necessary to master it, leaving it in the hands of a relative few.

If it was easy, like a Stochastic or an MACD, everybody would have it and it wouldn't be very effective. The fact that it's difficult actually works to our advantage. The Trade Room is a unique learning experience. Not only does it show how to trade, but it also shows how not to trade and how to avoid bad trades, which preserves essential capital.

It teaches a winning trading methodology by repeating the same proven principles and analyses over and over in real time.

You can look at a chart in retrospect and never capture the market movement and bar structure that can be seen in real time. To have a teacher like Jerome explain every detail and nuance as they occur is priceless.
Tim K
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