Day Trade Room Information

We cover models for day trading futures indexes, ES, YM, NQ markets. Mainly the ES, but we will add YM and NQ.

In the day trade room, we “talk out trades”. We go over cycle patterns, CycleTrader Indicators, and chart patterns and trade pattern expectations. Plus more! It is a good room to learn and get answers to many trading questions.

You will witness comments on how we use longer-term charts to day trade and short term charts to detail the entry and exits.

You will see the posted charts of trades posted quickly so you can follow.

The goal for you would be to learn about what to expect in each trade.

It’s never a simple model, but once you know this and understand that specific models happen to scare people out of the market, and these are normal, you will start to become a better trader by knowing what to do next time you see them.

Live comments –

The live process of seeing live trade chats on the current market conditions will help you get the what to do on your own trading. 

CycleTrader's Trade Room

Trade Room

It's easy to talk about past charts... but it takes skill to talk about current live chart patterns and show live trades.

Jerome Bressert

About Jerome Bressert – Developer and trade room advisor.


Jerome’s father, Walter Bressert, if you know him, was a brilliant trader since the 70’s introducing cycle trading to the markets.

As far back as he can remember, he would sit next to him and learn how he traded. Walter’s work was mostly the end of day trading patterns, but these patterns also work in all time frames.

In 1988, Jerome became a commodities broker. He quickly found out there was a lot to learn about trading.

In 1989, he worked on the S&P 500 floor at the CME in Chicago.

In 1990, he moved to Dallas to work under the amazing trader named Jim Jones.

In 1993, he moved back to Chicago and started his own brokerage company, and was the developer of one of the first online platforms called BEST Direct (Bressert Electronic System Trading). They had over 5,000 + clients trading on BEST Direct.

In 1999, he moved his IB over to Refco, where he continued to grow his client base and offered all the online trading platforms at one location.
During his time as a broker, he traded millions of contracts for himself and others. He got to learn from other traders who did well and those who did not.
He got to witness it all.

In 2004, he got out of the business to do real estate development.

In 2014, he decided to come back to the business on his father’s side of developing trading indicators and education backed by CYCLES. This is where all the new work and ideas got started.

He found that his father’s indicators were dated and only used 2 of the 115 he had available and developed all the current indicators you see on the site here now and all the new trade patterns for day trading.

Jerome’s new indicators and trading patterns development work have proven to be very valuable for day traders around the world. His education is available online and the day trading room.

Jerome comes with over 30 + years of experience which he is able to share with you live.

What to anticipate in the day trade room?

You won’t see a live charts tick by tick. The room is a posting room. But you will see live commentaries on the markets and chart images of trades as they occur. There is an opportunity to enter if you want to match the trades. 

You will see commentaries and links explaining these patterns and trades that are placed live –

All the knowledge is on our site; we just bring it forward live. The trades are posted as close as we can with images. We call this “Showing our hand.” Markets go nowhere fast, you can follow them…It’s pretty fast.

Room Time –

We usually wait until 10 to 12 CST to start the room, depending on the day. But, you can get in early. We do come in ahead and post ideas. Reason – We like to observe the markets open and set up beginning trends first.

Learn –

The room is set up to learn to trade. Yes, you will see our trades. But, this will not work long term for you unless we can share all the patterns we have teach and for you to learn from these remarks.

Learn one approach a day –

This should make a difference in your trading. The fact is you will learn more than one idea!

Trade Room Includes the follow:

  • Commentary on CycleTrader Chart Patterns.
  • Learn how to day trade using long term 60m, 120m, 180m, 240m charts
  • Learn how to use short term 2m, 5m charts to detail your entry and exits.
  • Learn about many chart patterns that makes a difference in trading.
  • See pictures of actual trades.
  • See pictures of exit and stop order patterns.
  • Learn all about CycleTrader's Smooth chart types and how to set them up.
  • See me how I get out of bad trades.
  • Plus so much more. It is a good room if you want answers.


Jerome and Walter Bressert

It’s a good day trade room to look for answers and trade patterns.

Walk away a better trader or ask for your money back please. It has to work for you.

We save the day’s post so you can log in and learn at any time during the same day if you missed the chat during the day.

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