• 1971 - Walter Bressert Starts his advisory and research on Cycle Trading.
  • 1971 73 - Walter Comes into my life at age 6 to 7.
  • 1973 - Walter Comes into my life at age 6 to 7.
  • 1973-84 - Walter and my mom builds his newsletter service HAL - I work with Dad to help him with the newsletter. I am exposed to his work daily.
    He worked from home, which gave me great insight into his business models.
  • 1979 - Walter was written up in a major new articles for being one of the most accurate advisories in the market and his newsletter exploded by 500% overnight.
  • 1973 to 1984 - HAL Commodity Cycle Newsletter went past 3500 to 4000 subscribers and was profitable every year based on weekly trade recommendations.
  • More about Walter Bressert
  • More about Walter Bressert's workshops
  • 1974 - 84 - Jerome's Father and Mother did workshops to teach the methods of Cycle Trading to thousands of traders eager to learn how to use Cycles to time their entry and exit patterns all over the world.
  • 1973 to 1994 - Jim Jones from Dallas, Texas, became his broker to work with Walter's Clients - Jim went to all his workshops - I went to 1/2 of them and learned how Jim was able to take my father's methods and apply them to trading clients.
  • 1988 - Jerome became a commodities broker and entered the world of working with clients.
  • 1989 -1990 - Jerome went to Chicago to work in the S&P 500 Trading Pit for 4 to 5 months to get an insight into how the trading pits worked.
  • 1989 -1990 - Jerome went to Dallas, Texas to work with Jim Jones to learn how he worked with Cycles with my Dad's clients using my Father's methods
  • 1990 - Walter writes his book THE POWER OF OSCILLATOR/CYCLE COMBINATIONS. Click to download.
  • 1992 - Jerome introduces Walter to Bill Cruz of Omega Research and start develeopement of Walter's Indicators.
  • 1992 -2005 - Walter sells over 15,000 copies of CycleTrader Indicators on Trader Station, eSignal and MetaStock
  • 1993 - Jerome went back to Chicago as the broker to go to for my Dad's Clients and soon became the fastest starting broker in Chicago's history.
  • 1993 - Jerome opened his own Introducing Broker (IB) called Bressert Investment Group at RJO O'Brien.
  • 1994 - Jerome came up with the idea to trade online with this new concept of the Internet and developed the 2nd retail online system called Bressert Online Trading (BOLT)
    Went from 300 plus clients to 2500 clients with the concept of BOLT.
  • 1997 - Jerome became a partner with PFG and created Bressert Electronic System Trading - BEST Direct with PFG
  • 1999 - Jerome after a dispute with his partner Russ, left PFG to open OTS.com - Online Trading Solutions to offer all the online trading platforms at one location with Refco.
  • 2003 - Jerome left the Futures business and created FiatForex.com and to do Real Estate in Arizona to get out of the cold and semi-retire in warm Scottsdale, AZ
  • 2014 - After years of Real Estate as a broker and investor, moved to Playa Del Carmen and came up with the idea of redoing Walter's Indicators, He had over 115 of them, but they were all dated and I knew at that moment that we needed to do better.

    Jerome only took 2 of the indicators from his Father's list, Bressert DDS and B-Line. From there, he had to come up with ideas we have today using volume delta differences and many more modern indicators to show trend better and trend reversals. Plus he came up with ideas to be able to enter and exit the markets at better prices. This was a game-changer.

    The 4 Pillars of Success in day trading are:

    1. Trend - You have to know which way you are going to trade, long or short.

    2. Entry Price - You have to have a good entry price to set up #3.

    3. Exit Price - If you have a good entry price, then as a day trader, your exit price is a lot more attainable.

    4. Take your ball and go home - Once you hit your target, it's best to stop and come back for another day.

  • 2015 - Created the idea of using CycleTrader Indicators for automatic auto trading system. This project was not easy. But over time, we were able to create a menu of ideas to be able to take an idea and automate it. This model has turned out to be very popular, and we have improved this model every week. There are 12 sections to having a successful auto system.
  • 2015 - Present - Continued to work mostly to develop indicators to be real-time - Added these updates to the auto trading system - We had to do dozens of updates to get to where we are now today.

    We created the Matrix Indicators that was a breakthrough in indicator momentum concepts

    Matrix Indicators - Over 35


    When people use to ask me my Dad "why did the market go up?" He would say "More buyers than sellers".  But, really the true answer was there were more contracts bought than sold. We captured this with all our modern Volume Delta Indicators.

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