The Matrix is a forward-thinking idea that incorporates volume difference, chart patterns, cycles and the mix of CycleTRADER Indicators into one charted indicator. The best part is that you can give a weighted value to each input.

Yes, for the first time ever, you will be able to add a group of indicators together into one indicator and give your own turn value to it as a weighted value.

Plus it will show you patterns NO ONE in the world will see because they do not have this. ONLY CycleTRADER members have this!

Game changer for seeing trends and trend reversals.

The MATRIX design was formulated and inspired by everything we talk about in the Zone Trade Room; it’s all math.

It was regularly the same math for most trades.

Because trading is all math, we formulated an indicator based on this simple idea.


Now that you can apply turn values, you can create your Matrix.

The Matrix has a full selection of CycleTRADER Indicators and chart patterns to turn on/off and assign a value for the turns.

What is The MATRIX Indicator?

The MATRIX is a mixture of the CycleTRADER propriety Indicators, merged and plotted as one value in a chart format, using the OPEN, HIGH, LOW and LAST of this value as it changes in real-time.

The MATRIX value is based on a pre-set individual value that can be modified when the CycleTRADER indicators are long or short.

For example, if the GreenLine is stepping up, (moving up) we will give this long indication a +75 value, or if the market is below the SMA, we will give this a -75 Value, etc. (see below)

Option to show these values on the chart -

How is it calculated?​

To make this work optimally, we came up with an equation to show the MATRIX OPEN, HIGH, LOW and LAST, balanced with the other indicators as a weighted value that you can apply.

One of the main factors was accounting for the VMI (Volume Momentum) Indicator and the current bar’s volume change. Meaning, as an example, we could see +1000 to 5000 difference. Thus, if we used a value of 1 for the other indicators when long or short, this would not show a fair balance between the indicators.

The design will be one of the first created using a chart format and all the best CycleTRADER Indicators.


The Indicator values can be adjusted as you see fit. If you feel that a specific CycleTRADER indicator pulls more weight, then you can increase the turn value for that particular indicator.

It will provide the math from multiple indicators, in one indicator, with the open, high, low, last, factored in. When the Matrix moves below the previous bar’s low, or above the last bar’s high, you can count on the math is correct for all your weighted values and take the trade.

Pick any indicator and assign a value

We have included the following 3 groups of indicators in The Matrix.

Volume Difference Patterns:

  • 01a – Direction of VMI 
  • 01b – Direction of VMI (2 settings)
  • 02   – Level 1 – Dir of Current Bar’s Vol Difference
  • 03   – Direction of Continued Vol Breakout lines

Chart Patterns:

  • 04b – Above / Below Current Open
  • 07 –  Legs Up / Legs Down
  • 10 –  Direction of Swing High / Low
  • 17 –  Above / Below OHL Medium Levels

Indicator Patterns:

  • 05a – Direction & Above / Below SMA
  • 05b – Direction & Above / Below SMA (2 settings)
  • 06 –  Cross-over – Open / Close Double SMA
  • 08 –  Direction of Close Strength Value (CS)
  • 09 –  Direction of Tick Momentum (TM)
  • 11 –  Direction of CT Indicators (GreenLine)
  • 12 –  Direction of CT Indicators (YellowLine)
  • 13 –  Direction of CT Indicators (RedLine)
  • 14 –  Direction of PPI
  • 15 –  Direction of DSI
  • 16 –  Direction of MSI

The Matrix plots like a chart with the open, high, low, last.

This is KEY to being able to enter on breakouts and track the cycle counts with The Matrix.

You will see cycles, swing highs and lows, breakout lines and trends as you have never seen before.

It will be like having 17 indicators in 1, right on your chart. But even better, you can now apply weighted values.

This is the first of its kind idea to be able to combine indicators, and also give weighted value and then chart the values.

There is no limit to the number of values you can apply to find the best Matrix.

Learn more about The Matrix – Video

Learn more about The Matrix – Video 2

VMI – Part of the Matrix

Why offer the Matrix?


I do this to help other become better traders and in turn to make me a better trader. If I can take an average trader and make them profitable, then I know I created the right idea. I get emails and calls daily from these improved traders thanking me. I tell them, “Thank you!”, because they helped me design these ideas and in turn, we both win.

Plus this is our family business since 1973. It’s in my blood as they would say.

The Matrix is the best work we have done. We created these ideas because there were no better indicators available.