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CycleTRADER Auto System Strategies

The 2019 Matrix Auto Trading Systems Series

The Matrix Auto Trading System was born just days after The Matrix Indicator was released. 

The Matrix indicator mix uses the best CycleTRADER’s Indicators and plots in a chart format.

It was the solution to give value to all our work and apply weighted turn values on each indicator turn.

For example, this means instead given a 1 value to the GreenLine Bar turns to a filter, we could give it a weighted 200 to 500 value. 

This changed everything and for this reason, we stopped production on the 2018 NinjaTrader 8 Full System and went full time into the CycleTRADER NinjaTrader 8 Matrix System Series. 


Outline features for the new Matrix Auto Trading Series System

Section 1, 2, 3 will remain all the same.

Section 4 this will be for Matrix Indicator patterns only for entry – not chart patterns

04a – Trade Entry – B/S PowerClose (A close above its opener on matrix will be long and vice versa for shorts)

  1. On/Off = off
  2. Enter X Consecutive Closes On/Off = Off
  3. Consecutive Closes = 2
  4. Use Even Closes On/Off = Off
  5. Reverses On/Off = Off

4b. Trade Entry – Above / Below Current Indicator’s Open

  1. On/Off = Off
  2. Real – Time On / Off = Off
  3. Value = 500 (this is the indicator value)

4c. Trade Entry – Above / Below Last Indicator’s High/Low (if above the high, then long )

  1. On/Off = Off
  2. Real-Time = Off
  3. Value = 500\

4d. Trade Entry – Cycle Low / High (of the indicator)

  1. On/Off = Off
  2. Cycle to Enter = 1

4e – Smooth Chart PowerClose Entry –

This will be a chart pattern entry – same as 4a now. but using the chart. (we will only use the filters in section 5.1 below for this.)

Section 5 – Filter Chart Patterns –  We are using the same Indicator values for trend filters if active.

05.01a – Direction of VMI

05.01b – Direction of VMI

05.02 – Direction of Current Bar’s Vol Diff –

All the Matrix Indicators will be added here. You will be able to give any  weighted value to each indicator.

Volume Difference Patterns:

01a – Direction of VMI
01b – Direction of VMI (2 settings)
02 – Level 1 – Dir of Current Bar’s Vol Difference
03 – Direction of Continued Vol Breakout lines

Chart Patterns:

04b – Above / Below Current Open
07 – Legs Up / Legs Down
10 – Direction of Swing High / Low
17 – Above / Below OHL Medium Levels

Indicator Patterns:

05a – Direction & Above / Below SMA
05b – Direction & Above / Below SMA (2 SMA settings)
06 – Cross-over – Open / Close Double SMA
08 – Direction of Close Strength Value (CS)
09 – Direction of Tick Momentum (TM)
11 – Direction of CT Indicators (GreenLine)
12 – Direction of CT Indicators (YellowLine)
13 – Direction of CT Indicators (RedLine)
14 – Direction of PPI
15 – Direction of DSI
16 – Direction of MSI

Additional outline features for the Matrix Series System

Section 6 –

  • Using from NT Full the 6a, 6b,

Section 7 –

  • Using from NT Full the 7a and 7b

Section 8 –

  • Using from NT Full the 8c, rename to 8a
  • Using from NT Full the 8d, rename to 8b

Section 9 –

  • Using from NT Full the 9a and 9b

Section 10 – Matrix Exit

10a. We will be adding in the matrix Indicator series

  • On top of the list, we will add in the following
  • Matrix Exit Pattern On/Off = Off
  • Real-Time = Off (When off, the bar will have to close first)
  • Use PowerClose on/off = off
  • Exit above/below the previous high/low
  • Value above or below = 500

Then list the Matrix Indicators and values here –

Section 10 – Matrix Exit

10a. Adding in the matrix series

But on top, we will add in the following

  1. Matrix Exit Pattern
  2. On/Off = Off
  3. Real-Time = Off (When off, the bar will have to close first)
  4. Use PowerClose on/off = off
  5. Exit above/below the previous high/low
    1. Value above or below = 500

Then list Matrix list here -They can be 10a, 10b, 10c, etc

10.1 Chart Pattern Stops –

  • Using 10a stop order – Rename to  10.1a – Chart Pattern Stops – Stop – Order – Stop Loss
    • Same inputs
  • Use 10c – chart pattern. set the default inputs the same we have for cycle wave now with GL, YL, RL, DSI, MSI, rename to 10.1b  Chart Pattern Stops – At Previous Swing High/Low
    • Same inputs

10d – Progressive Trailing Stop

Section 11 –

All the same inputs from NinjaTrader 8 Full… we will use the chart bars for the delay as we do now.

In Debug will use the look we have now on the Matrix (see chart to the right here– just add the chart filters from matrix values.

We are all very excited about modern Matrix Series Systems.

Current NinjaTrader 8 Full System Inputs
We will be building the Matrix outline soon based on the above outline.

We left zero out when it proceeds to options for system inputs. All CT System inputs come with an on/off switch. They also incorporate all the Cycletrader Indicators. Its a comprehensive, total system with every available input support to choose from. It really is incredible and I believe we are one of the first coders to be able to create such a list for our members. ​