CycleTrader Systems

CycleTrader Systems will trade all the CycleTrader Indicators and many other key market indicators and patterns for you automatically.


A Trading System

is simply a group of specific rules, or parameters, that determine entry and exit points for a given market…24 hours a day!

These points, known as signals, are often marked on a chart in real time and prompt the immediate execution of a trade.

The CT System engine work 100% of the time.

All the functions of the systems work, the only input are the INPUTS for each system. The inputs will be different for each market and time frame. We can provide these inputs for you


CycleTrader GreenLine Sell Pattern

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CycleTRADER’s Systems Comes With Key Input Features:


1. Start and End Time

Each system needs a time to start and end. But we went a step further… we set it start after the market closes too for night trading too.

2. Max Profit / Loss

In this section, you have 3 very important parts.

1. You can stop the system if the single system hit a certain profit or loss.

2. You can set it to stop if the system has a number of consecutive wins or losses.

3. You can stop ALL the CT Systems at one second (real-time tick by tick) if they ALL hit a max profit or loss combine.

3. Number Of Contracts to Trade

You can set the initial number of contracts to trader per trade entry which will give you control on risk and reward per trade.

  • Add Contract Against – This feature gives you up to 9 different levels to add more contracts to your position. We offer on / off features to add this contracts to your profit and stop loss exit orders. We also offer a function to reduce your profit target automatically to equal the number of ticks on the new total of contracts.
  • Add Contracts In Favor – Another way to add to your position, but this function will add contracts as you are making money versus as when the market is against your original entry price. This means you can now add to winners. You can also add to your profit targets and stop losses
4. Trade Entry

We offer over 15 ways to enter the market. We have the PowerClose, SMA Entry, Indicator Entry, Vol Indicator Entry, and muck more. The goal was to be able to enter the market many ways to give you the chart pattern advantages. This means you will not miss a move with the many options to enter the market.

CT has a number of ways to enter the market. We use the PowerClose and the Vol Difference indicator for Entry as our main entry. What make CT different is how you can combines a number of different filters to the entry to make it easy to apply even a 1 min chart to the program.

5a. Multiple Data Inputs

CT has 3 additional chart time frames that you can connect to any of the filters for longer term chart outlooks and filtering.

5b. Filters

We provide 2 parts to the filters section. They work separately from each other.This means the Chart pattern filters will have to indicate a long or short trade and if you use an indicator filter, then this would also have to match the same direction too match the entry direction.

  • (Chart Filters) 1 – In this section, we are looking at mostly chart patterns – Cycles, the OHL-Medium Indicator would be the key chart patterns. You have the option to just use this section as a filter. This means you can keep the entry and exit simple to catch more trades.
  • (Indicators Filters) 2 -This section is all Indicators. You will find all the CycleTRADER Indicators in this section plus 6 more common indicators like the CCI, MACD, Fischer, and more. We also added 3 additional data streams to this section so you can based your trend filter indicators based on longer term charts for the longer term trends.

The 2nd set of filters are all for all the Indicators filters.  CT makes it possible to choose 1 or more filters to filter the trend of the market.

It also includes a percentage of filter which means you can choose for example 10 filters and then say if 60% say be long the market, the system will then look for only Buy Orders.

6. Trade Entry Modifications

This section covers my training is section 2, called Fill Price. This is the 2nd most important part of the trade behind Trend.

We offer many ways to enter the market at a better price once the systems engine indicates to buy or sell the market. It’s my believe that you can get a better fill price most of the time because markets retrace themselves many times during the day.  So, use this knowledge and try to get into the market at a better price.

There are a number of modifications to enter the market once the trigger is set to enter. One modification for example may be to Buy in X ticks better each time. We set this section up to help get the best fill prices.

The Modifications are activated when there is a Trade Entry order to enter the market.

  • Time of the day? Is it in the time frame to trade
  • Profit Loss Hit or Not? System hit max profit or loss for the day
  • Trigger? What Triggered the trade
  • Filter? What is the direction of trend
  • Close direction – PowerClose entry

The modification is KEY to the success of entry to enter at the best preferred price.

7. 2 Profit Targets

We offer 2 on//off features to take profits at 2 different locations.

8. Exit Order Patterns

There are a number of exit patterns to get out of the market including using cycles, spread above or below SMA, the Keltner Bands, vol extensions, indicator extensions and more.

This means you can use one or more exit ideas to maximize your profits an control your risk.

9. Chase Exit Orders

The chase orders features works 2 ways.

1.  When the market is in your favor

2. When the market is against your entry price. Both look to auto reduce your exit price when the market starts to move away from your entry price X Ticks.

10. Stop Orders

We offer all the typical stop orders but then we added some more value. Many times for example, if you use the previous bar’s high or low, you may get stopped out a lot!… For this reason, we added in X bars back bars… We defaulted this to 2 bars back. This will give you a stop advantage over other systems. We also included 2 trailing stop functions to track the market up or down.

11. Misc

This miscellaneous section is just that… a few functions to control the trading activity.

  • Cancel Working Orders – Every system needs a function to cancel any entry trade if unable to get filled. This will allow you to place order entries and cxl any X bars if not filled and look for a new trade.
  • Delay New Orders – Since systems are all math, if you exit a position, then if the math is the same on the VERY next bar, the system will enter the market. For this reason, you can delay the new order entry with function if you max profit or loss is already hit. We did this thinking the market may be at a cycle high already on the exit, so we did not want enter long at a cycle high for example. But since we added this function, we do have a chart pattern filter to NOT enter past X cycle count.

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CycleTRADER Systems are Niche​

Systems do all the hard work of waiting for each trade set up…


It may take hours for a trade to set up right. The CycleTrader systems will do all the waiting for you for perfect set up.


With this type of waiting, earning $500 to $1000 or more per day can be a reality.



We offer a personal guarantee if these  indicators or systems, do not work for you, we will refund your money.  Keep the course as our gift.

However, we promise you’ll walk away a more knowledgeable and informed trader. Who knows where that extra education could take you!

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