Auto Trading Systems

We have fully automated all the inputs for the Matrix Indicators that can be applied to the Matrix Auto Trading System.

Each of the 25 Matrix Indicators comes with an on/off function to detail the best Matrix set up.

Included are the 12 sections below to control all aspects of auto trading – plus the P/L Manager.

Customer Comment – June 11th, 2019 –

I just completed step one of the Top Step 50K combine in 11 days. 🙂 using the 1003 strategy!  

Gene – System Trader

How does it work?

We created a mix of inputs that are on/off for each of the 12 sections that are required for system trading.

This means you can set up any idea you see on the charts to be fully automated. This is just the beginning. Wait until you see how the P/L Manager can blast these ideas off!

Moving forward – Think about this, set up 10 to 20 different systems, and make your daily goal with much high odds rather than trying to do it all with one system.

Current Systems –

Daily System Results

Breakdown - CycleTRADER 12 System Sections

Sections 1,2 & 3

00 – Additional Time Frames

01 – Start / End Time

02 – Max Profit / Loss

03 – Qty to Trade

Section 4 has to do all with the type of trade entry you want to use –

Sections 5.1 and 5.0 are all the trend filters that tell the system to only accept buy or sell orders.

Section 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 are all about how to exit a trade.

7 – Profit Targets

8 – Trade Exit

9 – Chase Orders

10 – Stop Orders

11 – Delay Orders

12 – Misc

Details on each section

CycleTRADER P/L Manager

What makes the CycleTrader Systems better than others is the P/L Manager.

What is the P/L Manager?

It is an add on program to NinjaTrader that we created to control all the CycleTrader Systems at one time. Our thought about system trading is it really is all math, and the markets will go up and down without fail. So, build a number of ideas that find high probability of making money and then not try to make $500 a trade, but make work to $50 to $100 a trade per system.

Create a number of systems that all work together to achieve these daily goals. When all the CycleTrader System what are developed, or you developed, and they all hit your up or down daily max profit/loss, then they all will agree to shut down automatically until the next day. 

The P/L Manager is a custom app that monitors all the CycleTRADER systems at one time.

Set the Max Profit, Loss for all combined systems and they will all automatically close out and shut down until the next day when either combined profit or loss is registered on real-time.

Learn More –

What is expected?

We have created a number of XML input values for you.

You can run all the systems under the P/L Manager and let it have more control over the systems.

You can of course create your own too.

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