CycleTrader Systems

Signifying success among trading systems demands four components decisions.

4 Pillars:

  1. Trend – Know to go Long or Short is most important.
  2. Entry Price – Seizing a liberal entry price sets up #3, the exit price.
  3. Exit Price – Manage the most critical exit to maximize profits.Suspend trading for the day – The markets can correct trends 3 to 7 times a day. This understanding is why most people have a challenging time amassing wealth. Seize the capital and proceed homeward and be content.
  4. Subsequent measuring systems for multiple years, we identified specific pattern alliances that could operate in most markets. Trading electronic systems are all math. There is no discrimination involved. Understanding these patterns is not a straightforward method because all movements you perceive are not the equivalent as any separate movements in the past. All this indicates there is never the same model. Hold in understanding markets correct course 3 to 7 times a day on average. Study the chart to the right, and the point value of trend down to trend up, this range could be 3 to 10 full ES500 points.

CycleTrader Systems –

They stand independently from all other systems because we incorporated a complete list of characteristic inputs, which include all the CycleTrader Trend Indicators and market entry and exit patterns. But most remarkable is how they all work collectively using the CT P/L Manager that monitors all the CT Systems at one time.

Cycletrader Systems include all the CT Indicators and more. There are 12 sections (below) that make up the system input preferences. All the inputs are either on or off. You can develop your own XML input files, or use examples that we have created.

The real strength with CT Systems is the updated P/L Manager that handles all the CT systems at one time. You can operate 1 to 100 systems at one time, and when the max profit or loss of all the systems is reached, then the P/L manager will suspend all the systems at one moment until the subsequent day.

CycleTrader Market Selection

CycleTrader System Input Sections