CycleTRADER Systems

A system is simply a group of specific rules, or parameters, that determine entry and exit points for a given market…24 hours a day!

These points, known as signals, are often marked on a chart in real time and prompt the immediate execution of a trade.

The CT System engines work together to hit a daily profit target of $500 to $1000 per day per 1 lot for each system. 

Once the group of systems hit their target, all the systems will automatically shut down for the day and the day is over. It does not get any better than this.

I believe we are the only ones who has figured out how to shut down all systems once their profit target has been hit.  Try the demo and see for your self. 

CycleTrader Daily Results

As soon as I saw the ease of use with your system and how well you treat your customers I was sold. I bought your system yesterday and it’s been great.

Tom A - Artizona Day Trader

How Does it work?

I have been testing systems for many years and discovered certain pattern combinations that works in most all markets.

We approach the markets using Cycles and Tick Volume combined with CycleTrader Indicators to catch moves.

You have the option using our Money Manager for when all the systems combined… achieve a set profit target or loss, and all the systems will automatically stop.

The process to stop all systems is unique to system trading and we may be the only ones to figure out how to do this with NinjaTrader.

You will be able to activate from 1 to 18 plus markets to trade 1 lots or more at a time. The lot size is depending on how much you want to make per day and your risk tolerance. Please note – We are in development still for most the markets, but this concept is coming.

CycleTrader Market Selection

Customer Comment – 10-4-18 –  Jerome,  Of all the systems I have looked at over the years, I haven’t seen anything like this…you did an amazing job on how it all came together and works so perfectly!  Thanks….  Frank, CA System Trader

Auto Trading System Demo - CycleTrader Trading Systems

Enter the markets better if you can!

We have tested and tested and there is NO way to buy the bottom and sell the top… You can however get around the bottom and around the top. With this information, the best approach is to be able to enter the market at set limits after the first entry. We have up to 9 ways to enter into the markets better.

Keep in mind each time you enter, CycleTrader Systems will be monitoring your profit exit in real time. The more position entered, the faster these targets will be hit.

Chose from 6 different sectors-

  1. Currencies   6B B-Pound / 6C Canadian $ / 6E Euro  / 6J Jap Yen
  2. Energies CL Crude Oil / NG Natural Gas
  3. Metals GC Gold / SI Silver
  4. Indexes –  ES SP500 / NQ NASDAQ / TF Russell 2000 / YM Dow 30
  5. Interest Rates – ZT 2 Year Notes / ZF 5 Year Notes / ZN 10 Year Notes / ZB 30 Year Bonds
  6. Grains – ZC Corn / ZS Soybeans

There are 18 plus markets on the list. We can always add more to this list depending on your account size.

CycleTrader Systems

Why Approach the market using systems this way?

It is my research that certain times of the day, the markets will set up a trading range. With the power to be able to turn off all the systems at one time, this changes the game for system traders. You can now jump in on cycle low moves during this time to capture nice profits.

Our research has shown that you get in and out at certain times of the day with the idea that markets will make a cycle low and cycle highs during this time period.

All markets make cycle lows and for this reason then will make a cycle high! The idea is to catch the cycle lows as a group of combined systems all working together, but let them all work independent.

If one system makes X $ during this time frame, that one system will auto stop while the other systems will still be working together to achieve your daily profit objective.

You can see 1 to 3 systems for example close out at their personal profit objective for the day and the balance of them working to hit your daily profit target.

At the end of the day, it is the profit you are looking for, how you get there is not as important as long as you hit the target.

We also have a stop loss for all systems, If the downside is hit, then all the systems will auto stop too.

You have both sides of risk and reward covered.

Sample ES SP500 CycleTrader System Trade.

We used the function to only trade in the direction of the CycleTrader RedLine and enter at the open of the 20 min bar. Then reverse if the RedLine Moved 10 or more points on any given bar the opposite direction using a minimum 2 lot trade.

It is not easy for most traders to be able to stay in any move this long. When I watched the trade, I saw many ways to exit the market and would not have made the larger profits.  This is one of many other reasons to use CycleTrader auto trading systems.

Using the RedLine as your trend filter has proven over and over to be one of the best indicators that is part of the Cycle Trader Indicator Package.

Similar to the chart above, it is NOT easy to stay with a trade this far into the day or move like the chart to the right.

With CycleTRADER Systems, you can be part of these types of moves.

The Problem With System Trading.

With 1,000’s and 1,000’s of real time testing, I have come up with a list of problems trying to build a auto trading system.

The markets go up and down, no markets goes straight in one direction for ever. You cannot expect to be in the market for long before it makes a correction.

In order to make the big profits, you will have to be willing to give up most of what you just made as the markets makes these corrections

Most Indicators are 1 bar behind.

What this means is the indicators do not change up or down until after the current bar closes. This gives your entry and exit advantage away. This also means you will be trading in current time based on x minutes ago.This makes it difficult to trade in the direction of n indicator.

Using stop orders do not work like you may think they would…using a $Dollar stop that does not have to do with previous highs lows, etc works much better.

They get taken out too often and what could have been a profitable trade, is now a loser. But… yes, they are great if the market makes a big move against your position. Using a $ dollar stop is better not based on chart patterns like a previous bar’s high or low for example. A dollar stop is one that tell the system to exit if X $dollars loss is hit. We have this part of CT Systems.

Trying to go for the big win every time. You have to give up too much on the first trade to do this every time.

Videos – See what to expect with CycleTrader Systems.

CycleTRADER Systems are Niche

Systems do all the hard work of waiting for each trade set up…


It may take hours for a trade to set… and CycleTrader systems will do all the waiting for you.


With this type of discipline, imagine making $500 to $1000 or more per day can be a reality just trading a 1 lot in each market.

It’s your time that you caught big moves in the market without getting scared out! or on the wrong side of the move.