Thu, November 21, 2019

Bressert Auto Trading Systems Strategies

We have automated all the CycleTrader Indicators and Trade Patterns.

Take the power of CycleTrader and watch it trade automatically.

There is nothing better than to turn on the strategies and come back and see a profit. There is still risk in trading.

CycleTrader Pro ES - 1002 Trade Summary chart

Features of CycleTrader Systems

CycleTrader System Strategy Input Menu

System Input Menu List -

CycleTrader is unique in many ways:
1. It uses just CycleTrader Indicators and Patterns

2. It includes all the sections required for any system to exist as on/off options.

3. It includes all options to change variables for all inputs.

4. It is connected to the CycleTrader Strategy Manager to combine results.

5. We provide working XML input values for fast start.

CycleTrader Indicators for Systems

1. CycleTrader Indicators -

We use the Matrix as a main trend filter to be long or short. We apply a number of patterns to view the Matrix in determining current trends.

We added an additional section 5.1 for trend using additional trend filters that are stand alone from the Matrix filter.

Within the Matrix filter, we allow modifiable on/off inputs and variable turn values to create your own Matrix.

CycleTrader Menu of Inputs

2. CycleTrader Input Sections -

Section 1 - Start and End Time
Section 2 - Max Profit / Loss -> Next
Section 3 - Qty to trade
Section 4 - Trade Entry Patterns
Section 5.1 - 1st Trend Filters
Section 5 - 2nd Trend Filters
Section 6 - Modification - Entry Price
Section 7 - Profit Targets
Section 8 - Trade Exit
Section 9 - Chase Exit
Section 10 - Stop Orders
Section 11 - Delay Next Orders
Section 12 – Misc

This menu allows for every possible idea to be tested without having to build a new system.

CycleTrader Mene of Inputs

3. CycleTrader Input Variables -

All the inputs included within CycleTrader are adjustable. There is no limit to what you can review and test.

The reason we built CycleTrader Systems in this manner was to be able to test and apply all patterns without having to call the programmer each time to make any new idea work each time we wanted to test new patterns.

CycleTrader Systems is extremely powerful for those who really want to nail down certain trading patterns without incurring a lot of cost for development.

CycleTrader Stategy Manager combines Profit Loss

4. CycleTrader Strategy Manager -

Strategy Manager is one of our niche addon products for NinjaTrader.

It allows our users to combine all the CycleTrader systems they designed or we designed to be monitored and controlled in real-time.

Strategy Manager will stop all CycleTrader Systems in real-time if the combined profit or loss was achieved.

The real power besides the CycleTrader Indicators / Patterns, is CycleTrader’s Strategy Manager (SM). SM will monitor all the CT Strategies at one time and in real-time.

The markets will move up, move down, and back up which is what we call Cycles. Our strategy goal is to catch these cycle lows and bottoms.

We post real-time results each day if you wish to follow these results.

Free 14 Day Demo - CycleTrader
Our goal is simple:

To make money using technology and custom indicators.

CycleTrader Trading Patterns

5. CycleTrader Preset Input Values -

We made it our goal to create and provide preset input values that are plug and play.

You would not be required to build any of your own systems to be part of the of CycleTrader Systems.

We provide daily results each day from these preset inputs settings for up to 10 active markets.

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