Sat, August 17, 2019

Auto Strategies / Systems

We have fully automated all the inputs for the Matrix Indicators that can be applied to the Matrix Auto Trading System.


Each of the Matrix Indicators are included in the system and comes with an on/off function to detail the best Matrix set up for automatic system trading.

Almost any pattern and CT Indicator pattern can be selected with the CycleTrader Auto System

Customer Comment – Indicators – June 20th, 2019

Jerome – The CT 34 Support / Resistance Windows and the CT 09 Bar Volume Delta are unreal.

It’s crazy that I do the opposite I normally would when it comes to the delta bars, i.e. sell on red. Now I get to a window and look to buy on red and sell when green because that is how it works and I can now see it from the updated Cycle Trader Indicators.

Anyways, another game changer for me. Killing it the past two days with just this 15 min delta bar chart

Robert – Day Trader

CycleTrader Auto Systems

How does it work?

Each of the inputs are on/off for each of the 12 sections that are required for system trading.

This means you can set up any idea you see on the charts to be fully automated.

This is just the beginning. Watch how the P/L Manager can blast these ideas off by combining all the systems into one system.

Moving forward – With the P/L Manager, you can any number of different systems. Apply this to the P/L manager, and make your daily goal with much high odds rather than trying to do it all with one system.

We provide customers with preset system inputs too. We call these System XML files.

Customer Comment – Indicators – June 20th, 2019

I loved the VMI and green line with the bar numbers.  Great work Jerome.  Thanks 

Joe V – NQ Trader

Customer Comment – Indicators – June 21st

At officially 1 hour and 40 mins I’m up $1,000 trading the 1 min chart only trading mostly 1 contract and 2 when needed. Just trading what you showed me… it’s actually the least anxiety I’ve ever had taking trades.

I’m not sure if anyone else out there shows volume as an indicator the way you do. But that’s the golden ticket to seeing the trend! Awesome job!

I now wait to take the trades until I see VMIa Volume going in the same direction as the index value and BOOM! WOW!

Bader, CA – NQ Day Trader

You can auto program almost every angle you see on the charts into CycleTrader’s Strategy profiles.

Custom XML System File Input Results

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