Section 1 - Start and End Time

Set the start and end time for systems

Section 3 - Qty to trade

Set the # of contracts to trade per signal

Section 5.1 - Trade Filters

Select stand alone trend filters for entry

Section 6 - Entry Price

Set the entry levels when active

Section 8 - Trade Exit

Set your trade exits to lock in profits

Section 10 - Stop Orders

Set a number of stop orders to exit

Section 12 - Misc

Set Misc Settings for each trade

CycleTrader System Input Sections

Section 2 - Max Profit/Loss

Set the max profit and loss

Section 4 - Trade Entry

Set the trade pattern to enter each trade

Section 5 - Trend Filters

Set a CycleTrader Matrix Filter

Section 7 - Profit Targets

Set up to 2 profit targets

Section 9 - Chase Exit

Chase any trade in favor or against

Section 11 - Delay Orders

Delay your next order entries
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