Strategy Manager

The Strategy Manager improves everything!

For the first time, you can develop many systems that are not looking for home runs, but base hits. Much more achievable!

(Previously called The P/L Manager)

It is an add on program to NinjaTrader that was created to control all the CycleTrader Systems all at the same  time.

CycleTrader System Results.

Our thought about system trading is it really is all math, and the markets will go up and down without fail.

For this reason, you can build a number of ideas that find high probability of making money and then not try to make $500 a trade, but make work to $50 to $100 a trade per system for example.

All the systems will work together to achieve these daily goals.

They will all agree to shut down automatically until the next day. 

CycleTrader Pro ES - 1002 Trade Summary chart
CycleTrader Strategy Manager Chart
CycleTrader Strategy Manager Chart

Frequently Asked Page Questions


Its my understanding that the Strategy Manager will monitor all the system strategies at one time and turn them all off if at max profit or loss. Will they work with other systems too?


Strategy Manager work with just CycleTrader Systems. Yes, it does turn all the CT systems off at max profit or loss settings.

CycleTrader Strategy Manager Controls
Strategy Manager
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