Wed, December 11, 2019

Smooth Minute Chart

Smooth Minute Charts

Discription -

The purpose of the Smooth Charts was to smooth out the Chaos on the screen we see when the markets are going up, down, up, etc.

We took an average of them and plotted the results to see a more smooth run up and down.

Chart -

How to use the Smooth Charts to trade?

Pretty simple, when green, buy, when red sell.Follow other trend filters if you can. But this is really a trend filter based on the math by itself.

Inputs -

About the inputs -

You can pick from 4 different charts, Minutes, Tick, Volume and Renko – the size is the min, tick, vol, or Renko block. The average is the average you choose, and then there are 5 modes- Mode 5 is the actual last price.

Video -

The top chart is a smooth 3 minute ES chart and the bottom one is the regular chart you normally see. The CycleTRADER Double Smooth Open/Close SMA in on the chart too. 

5 min ES chart - Top chart is 5 min, Mode 1, Average 4

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