Thu, November 21, 2019

CycleTrader Smooth Charts

The Smooth Charts are moving averages of the Open, High, Low, Last

We took the rapid movements out of the regular charts and plotted a better, smoother chart to show trends in markets to make you more money.

For example, when you trade on a Smooth chart, you are 75% less likely to exit a trade because of an opposite close against your trade direction

When you compare a normal Candle Stick chart with the CycleTrader Chart, you will immediately see how nice Smooth Charts hold trends.

What normally happens in regular charts is lots of closes above and below opens which can confuse most trades. Smooth Charts take this effect out of the markets.

Smooth Minute Chart

Customer Comment – Indicators – June 20th, 2019

I loved the VMI and green line with the bar numbers.  Great work Jerome.  Thanks 

Joe V – NQ Trader

CycleTrader Smooth Minute Chart
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