CycleTRADER Charts

CycleTRADER 3 chart types:

  • Smooth Charts
  • Ops Charts (Open Pivots)
  • Range Charts

Smooth Charts

  • The Smooth Charts are moving averages of the Open, High, Low, Last
  • We take the rapid movements out of the regular charts
  • For example, when you trade on a Smooth chart, you are 75% less likely to exit a trade because of an opposite close against your trade direction

Customer Comment – Indicators – June 20th, 2019

I loved the VMI and green line with the bar numbers.  Great work Jerome.  Thanks 

Joe V – NQ Trader

Customer Comment – Indicators

I liked the indicators after further evaluation – I bought them! It is exactly how I like to trade. It looks like a truly valuable help to use in real-time trading. You really have a great product for my purposes. I am clearly aligned with where you are positioning to take advantage of the markets.

Adam C – Day Trader

CycleTRADER Ops Charts (Open Pivots - Ops)

We plot the open of each new bar as the open of the previous bar.

The pattern is smoother and more directional.

We believe the OPEN has a lot of trend value. When you are above the previous OPEN, the market is up and if it trades below the last bar’s OPEN, trend is down.

CycleTRADER Range Charts

CycleTRADER’s Range Charts acts like most all range charts but we include wicks the bar did not make the full range move to change color direction.

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