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Smooth Charts

When your charts are smooth, all your indicators are smooth

Why imagine a new chart type?

We did and Smooth Charts are a hit!​

Smooth Chart Types were aimed out of the intention to clean up the confusion on standard charts.

It is easy to see when and how to stay with market trends longer using Smooth Charts. Visually see trend reversals as they occur in real time.

Enter the market long when they turn green and short when they turn red. It doesn’t become more comfortable than this.

Smooth Charts were originated from the idea that most Indicators are moving averages illustrated a distinctive way. Smooth charts reflect this same idea. They are constructed from taking a MOVING AVERAGE of the OPEN, HIGH, LOW and LAST with five mode settings. Each mode setting will give you a unique look.


Be Smoooooth...


  • The CycleTrader Smooth Chart Types were constructed to make sense of the confusion on standard charts. Hold in mind that all indicator's data come from the charts. If the charts are smooth, then the indicators will be smoother too.
  • Could be the only charts you every need to trader from this point on. Be a member and start enjoying the benefits today.

5 Smooth Chart Types

  • Smooth Minute
  • Smooth Volume
  • Smooth Tick
  • Smooth Renko
  • Smooth Daily
  • Customer Comment - I'm on vacation this week in the Grand Tetons and wanted to take a look at the market this morning. Couldn't help but take the trade on the NQ because your indicators made it so obvious that I couldn't resist. Did over 40 points on one move. Made my wife real happy, but had to promise not to turn on the computer for the rest of the vacation. Thanks for the wonderful work you and your team have done - Tom AZ Day Trader
  • Customer Comment - I have got to tell you that trading using the smooth volume indicator is incredible. I am trading live but still using an NT sim account (as I need to build full confidence first). I have had some very positive days thus far. You just have to be aware of "when" you are trading (Globex VS RTH) because settings make a huge difference due to the difference in volume. - John L 8-24-18
  • Customer Comment – …I have traded for years and this is the best I have come across with both Smooth Charts and your new DSI indicator… thank you!!!!! Ron J. Tucson AZ. – Day Trader.
  • Customer Comment – 9-6-18 – P.S. I made $2900 yesterday and just made $950 already this morning using two different length smoothed NQ charts overlay on each other…John L. Day Trade

Join the many...

Customer comment from a TradeStation user that moved to NinjaTrader for CycleTrader.

Hi Mr. Bressert, – Been busy using the TradeStation indicators and just got around to looking at the NinjaTrader CycleTRADER Indicators a week ago.

I just wanted to say that you have done probably the most amazing job of programming everything in that I have seen!! I use TS as my main platform, but will now be using NT just as much if not more! Thanks to the great work you did.

I have been trading for about 28 years and was using TS when they still had hardware keys. Got your dad’s book a while ago and its incredible how you have improved on the concepts and automated it!!! I thought the TS indicators were great, but CycleTrader package on NT is just fantastic! Thank you for your efforts!!
Fred R. Day Trader, IL

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