CycleTrader Smooth Charts

The Smooth Charts are moving averages of the Open, High, Low, Last

We took the rapid movements out of the regular charts and plotted a better, smoother chart to show trends in markets to make you more money.

For example, when you trade on a Smooth chart, you are 75% less likely to exit a trade because of an opposite close against your trade direction because of how we average the open, high, low and last, the Smooth Charts will show you a better trend without all the chaos you normally see on regular charts. Your indicators will work better too.

Compare CycleTrader's Smooth Minute Chart with a regular chart. 5 minute, ES500, 3 Average, Mode 2 settings.

CycleTrader's Smooth Minute Chart
5 Min Smooth Minute Chart, 3 Avg, Mode 2

Smooth Minute


Smooth Volume


Smooth Tick


Smooth Renko


Ops - Open Pivots

Ops Charts

Tick Range

Tick Range

Frequently Asked Page Questions


Will the Smooth Charts work on all markets? I like how they look.  Will all indicators work with them?


Yes, Yes, and Yes, they work on all markets and in fact most all indicators will be smoother too.  The way we show the average of the Open, High, Low, Last with the 5 different modes can smooth out the chaos you see on normal charts.

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Smooth Charts

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