CycleTrader Smooth Charts

The Smooth Charts are moving averages of the Open, High, Low, Last

We took the rapid movements out of the regular charts and plotted a better, smoother chart to show trends in markets to make you more money.

For example, when you trade on a Smooth chart, you are 75% less likely to exit a trade because of an opposite close against your trade direction

Customer Comment  – June 20th, 2019

I loved the VMI and green line with the bar numbers.

I also want to add the Smooth Charts are amazing and everyone should try them.

Great work Jerome.  Thanks 

Joe V – NQ Trader

MSI Bad Trade
MSI 15 Length Setting

Our clients say

” Jerome: You are an amazing person, day trader and intellect. I have been trading with your software since the inception of this project. I want to thank you for making this software/program available to the public. It is easy to use as well as navigate. but best of all, I can make $1k-$2000.00/day trading 2-4 contract at specific times of the day, .
Bruce F. DPM
I really like the new indicators and cycle timing tools; I will be buying the NT8 version if it’s still $495 when my trial is complete. Your dad’s ProfitTrader software for Metastock and TradeStation (I bought both of them, but no longer use MS or TS, only NT8) was terrific, and now you’ve taken his superb ideas and come up with something even more effective.
Donald P / Day Trader, Puru

If you can follow this chart... you can make money with CycleTrader.

Lucky 13 CycleTrader Indicators
Jerome, I used the Ops, GreenLine, Bressert Trading Cycles in the NASDAQ emini this morning> (Dec 13th). It gave me the confidence to buy the opening using your Never Be Left Behind method with low dollar risk. I was able to use the GL and Greek Cycle Indicator to exit with $2350 profit!!! Thank you!
Bader – LA, Day Trader.
Jerome, I have been trading for 30 years. About a decade ago I hooked up with your Dad, Walter. I used his paper based system on another piece of software. I am pleased to tell you that the cycle trader pro plug in, I bought, works perfectly and is stable. This is the best streaming product I have seen. More than paid for itself in the first trade.
Paul W – Day Trader

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