Plotting Automatic Cycles On Your Charts With CycleTrader CycleWave

Plotting Cycles on your charts in real time was not easy, but with the CycleTrader Indicators and chart patterns, we made it simple.

There is only one thing you can count on in the markets and that is Cycles!


This indicators comes with 10 other features all working on real-time. Because we were able to determine the cycle tops an bottoms in real-time, we were able to add these 10 other features to this indicator to give you the best possible look at the market for entry and exit.

    • Cycle Count / Cycle Bands – We were able to count the cycles on the charts in real time and plot these cycle counts on the charts as they happened. We also we able to project into future these cycle bands to show where the next cycle high or low should occur which means you can now see the future moves before they happen.
    • Price Wave – This feature works great for seeing what to expect on the current bar. What is does is looks back x bars, (default 2) then takes the range of these bars (25% to 100% default) and adds it to the CLOSE of the last bar. Then it paints a window that matches the inputs above or below the current bar the calculated range. You will find the market does not trade much above or below this range.
    • Fibonacci Retracement – Because we were able to determine the cycle low and cycle high, adding this feature was easy.  As the market makes these cycle ranges, this feature will automatically plot the Fibonacci Retracement numbers on your chart is the future which will help you pick your best entry and exit price.
    • Gann Fan – The Gann Angles will plot in real-time as the market makes real-time cycle highs and lows. We have the option to show just the last 2 cycle so it does not crowd your charts. You will find the markets follow these cycles going forward.
    • Trend Lines – Trend lines have always been a favorite to many traders to see where the market momentum has changed. Drawing these lines on your charts can be a pain, so we added this feature to automatically plot the last 2 trend lines on the charts so you can see where the breakouts are happening in real-time.
    • Price Target Windows – This feature was added to look at the range of the last x bars and then add this value to the high of the last bar. But this left 1 line on the chart, so we added x ticks above and below this value to create a window for price. These windows are plotted below the cycle high and above the cycle low in the future to give you a window for time and price to get the best price for entry and exit.
    • Breakout Lines – The feature follows our Fear Factor Breakout patterns. We auto draw these horizontal lines from each cycle high or low so you can either buy or sell against, or trade the breakout price.
    • Speed Lines – the Speed Line draw a line from the cycle low price to the cycle high price. The angle is then projected into the future. We have learned that the market will project the same angle into the future as the last cycle. These Speed Lines will help you see were price and time will come together. Excellent tool when combined with Cycles.
    • Congestion Boxes – The boxes are simple ways of bringing  together a grouping of bars to one bar. We only look at the OPEN and the CLOSE for the calculation. We felt the wicks did not show the energy of the market as well as the OPEN and the CLOSE did.
    • Triangle Price Objectives – This feature draws a triangle from the low to the next high. You will be able in real-time see where prices are likely to trade up to or down to using the cycle bands as your guide. Meaning, you can now place entry and exit orders in the future where these prices cross.