New CycleTrader DSI – Double Smooth Indicator – Best Trend Market Filter

Customer Comment - 9-11-18 - Hi, Jerome, Very impressed with the new DSI indicator. I'm using it in combination with the Yellow, Green Lines and your Smooth_Minute chart and it's been incredible. I've been able to stay in the market when I would usually get out. You and your team have done a great job. Thanks, Tom

Tom - AZ Day Trader

Have you every wanted an true indicator that you could trust 90% of the time? Most of us have….!

The new CycleTrader DSI was born out of the idea to be able to keep you in the markets longer and make more money.

You can control the length of the indicator and the Average of it to make it fit your chart you mostly trade.

Try it out on the CycleTrader Smooth Charts.

When you set the new DSI indicator to 1 length and 5 average, you can catch market turns as they happen

Another trader you can do is what for the DSI Indicator to trend, then use the CycleTrader GreenLine to fad it in the direction of the CycleTrader GreenLine.

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