Level 1 & 2 Indicators

Level I and Level II Volume Indicators

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Level 1 is the quantity of contracts being sold at the bid or bought ask price. We wanted to view this differently and we plot the difference between them.  If 400 contracts were sold, and 600 contracts bought, this indicator would plot +200. This will give you insight you have probably not seen before on which way the mass is trading. We start this count on each new bar.

Level 2 is the number of contracts looking to sell up to 10 levels up and looking to buy up to 10 levels below the current price. You can adjust how many levels inside the indicator. (Default 5). When you view these values, it like being able to see the other person poker hand by seeing not only the values but the difference between these 2 values.


There are 2 inputs for level 1.

1.)  Min Lot Size. What we do with this is to only look at trades that have x vol or more. You can set this to be 100 for example to only follow larger traders.

2.) Show Buy Sell Vol. Turning this on will show the number of buys and sells for that bar, plus the dash line which is the difference between the 2.

There is 1 input for level 2

1.)  We look at how many levels up and down do you want to see the number of contracts to be sold above or bought below.

Available On The Following Platforms – However if you have e-Signal or Interactive Broker, you can connect to NinjaTrader with your data.


We offer a personal guarantee if these  indicators or systems, do not work for you, we will refund your money or you can exchange for another product.