Mon, August 19, 2019

Walter Bressert's Profit Trader - MetaStock

ProfitTrader Developed by Walter Bressert

ProfitTrader for MetaStock

Follow these instructions:

Install ProfitTrader for MetaStock

This install is old install for MS, and we are looking for a new programmer to redo this, but until we get this done, please read the following:

2 small issues with this install. This install is from my father’s work years ago and we lost the password to the indicators to re-do. But the install is the same as it was and all the indicators work the way they were suppose to back in the day.

1.) It will be looking for a file at the end…. just hit CXL

2.) The Readme file is outdated, just us this information below.

  1. Run the exe in the zip file above. It will create a folder called Walter Bressert Profit Trader on your c: Drive.
  2. Upon completion of the installer, you will see a small application come up, giving you your temp key code. Please e-mail the temp key code.

Note:  If you are in demo mode, you do not have to email me this code until you buy ProfitTrader. It will work for 45 days.

Opening the ProfitTrader Indicators in MetaStock

ProfitTrader is an add-on for MetaStock.  Now that you have installed ProfitTrader, the ProfitTrader indicators should be available inside of MetaStock.

  1. Run MetaStock, build a blank chart
  2. Right-click on a blank area of the chart, choose “Apply Template”, then choose one of the ProfitTrader templates. You can then match that up with the reference in the user manual.

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