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✅ CT 38 - Bressert Trading Cycles

CT 38 - Bressert Trading Cycles
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Walter Bressert’s original work was based on Trading Cycles –

He saw 2 cycles within each Trading Cycle.

1. Alpha

2. Beta

CT 38 – Bressert Trading Cycles Indicator will label these cycles in real-time.

CycleTrader Pro Trading Cycles
Bressert Trading Cycles - Alpha / Beta

Walter Bressert's Trading Cycle going back 30+ years.

Walter Bressert's Trading Cycle
Walter Bressert's Original Work - Trading Cycles

There is 1 thing you can count on 100% of the time…



There will always be a cycle lows and cycle highs in all markets and in all time frames.

This image is from my father’s book, The Power Of Cycle Oscillator Combinations written in 1990.

His work was based around cycles and the Trading Cycles which usually has 2 cycles within each Trading Cycle. Alpha and Beta.

Bressert Alpha Beta Cycles

We have now made Walter Bressert’s work come alive in real time.

For the first time, you will see the TC lows followed by the Alpha and Beta Cycles as the market moves.

Think about it as a road map. You have 4 trades you can make.

  1. From TC low to Alpha High
  2. From Alpha High to Alpha Low
  3. From Alpha Low to Beta High
  4. From Beta High to Trading Cycle (TC) low

The new CT 38 Bressert Trading Cycles Indicator will plot these cycles in real time as the market moves in all time frames. Yes, all markets and all time frames have Trading Cycles. It is just when? Right?

We have redeveloped our CycleTrader Indicators to show the best time for when the cycles change direction is most likely to happen. 

Bressert Trading Cycles
Bressert Trading Cycles

Inputs -

CycleTrader Pro Trading Cycles Inputs

About the inputs -

There are 2 sets of inputs:

  1. The SMA Detrend
  2. The way we identify Cycles.

We show the cycle count we use the CycleTrader Pro Indicators and averages.

You can speed up the cycle count by activating the higher indicators which are faster.

The default we use as you can see seems to work best.

Match CT 15 CycleWave to be the same to see the cycles.

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When you trade without the Bressert Trading Cycles Indicators, the charts may not seem organized.

With Bressert Trading Cycles Indicator, it starts to come alive and point out to your where the market is breathing, what the next move may be.

It’s just clearer!

Bressert Trading Cycle Count
Bressert Trading Cycle Count

It amazed me to know the market were predictable as I grew up. But, now, I expect it and trade it.

Now you can too. You can now predict turns and the Bressert Trading Cycles Indicator will show you in real-time these moves.

Some people tell me this is confusing. My answer is it WAY TOO CONFUSING without it!

Good luck trading, well, let’s say “Good Skills When Trading” – Now that you have the right tools.

Bressert Trading Cycle Course

Bressert Alpha Beta Cycles
Bressert Alpha Beta Cycles
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