Wed, November 20, 2019

Bressert Trading Indicators

CycleTrader Indicators were created to beat the markets. The way we do this is by applying cycles with a combination of the math behind CycleTrader Indicators and volume difference deltas.

The coding we applied took the indicators turns from 1 bar delayed to the current time. 


The flagship indicator is the Bressert Trading Cycles Patterns. These cycle labels showing tops and bottoms will be painted on your charts in real-time.

30 minute NQ

CycleTrader is more than you expected for less than you thought. 

CycleTrader Features

CycleTrader Indicator Menu

Indicator Menu List

CycleTrader consist of 4 different folder and five when you include the extra indicators.

1. Matrix
2. Volume Difference
3. Chart Patterns
4. Indicator Direction

Each folder contains a number of valuable indicators to share the current trend and trend reversals.

The Matrix Indicator Features

1. Matrix Indicator -

Key Indicator. It applies all the top 18 CycleTrader Indicators into one indicator. It then plots this value similar to a candlestick chart for easy viewing.
The Matrix is a gold up and red down.

You can apply any turn value to any of the 18 indicators to build your own Matrix.

CycleTrader Volume Indicator Menu List

2. CycleTrader Vol Indicator Menu List -

The key to volume is the difference in volume. How many contracts were bought vs how many sold. The markets tend to go in the direction of volume. We provide 8 different looks at volume difference based on price range, tick range, bar range and cycle ranges. Once you see how volume works, it would be impossible to not include them on your charts to get an advantage.

CycleTrader Chart Pattern Indicator Menu List

3. CycleTrader Chart Patterns Menu List-

Chart patterns are many times some of the best indication for direction than most all other indicators. They tell the story right away before the bar closes.
We include may patterns from our flagship cycle indicators, to Fibonacci patterns, Keltner Bands, Last Price Line, Detrends, Trading Cycle labels and much more.

All our charts include some portion of these indicators and we don't trade without them.

CycleTrader Indicator Direction Menu LIst

4. CycleTrader Indicator Directions -

This is where it all started. We took Walter Bressert's original indicators and made them much better and smoother. We also added the cycle count to all the indicators. The new PPI indicator includes all the indicators as an on/off option similar to the Matrix above.

All the CycleTrader Indicators are a different color up and all red down for easy viewing.

There is a lot more to these patterns, but this is how it starts.

It’s easy…easy!

Customer Comment – Indicators – Oct 18th, 2019

I really like the new indicators and cycle timing tools; I will be buying the NT8 version if it’s still $495 when my trial is complete. Your dad’s ProfitTrader software for Metastock and TradeStation (I bought both of them, but no longer use MS or TS, only NT8) was terrific, and now you’ve taken his superb ideas and come up with something even more effective.

Donald P / Day Trader, Puru

14 Day Demo

Long - Bressert Greek Cycle Low

Customer Comment – Indicators – Oct 25th, 2019

Jerome, I have been trading for 30 years. About a decade ago I hooked up with your Dad, Walter. I used his paper based system on another piece of software. I am pleased to tell you that the cycle trader pro plug in, I bought, works perfectly and is stable.

This is the best streaming product I have seen. More than paid for itself in the first trade.

Paul W – Day Trader

Today's End of Day 5-minute ES500 Chart

Nov 20th, ES500 5 Minute CycleTrader Pro Chart
Nov 20th, ES500 5 Minute CycleTrader Pro Chart

CycleTrader shows the Bressert Trading Cycles in real-time

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