Matrix CycleTRADER Indicators

Each of the 25 Matrix indicators individually will show the current trends and trend reversals.

For example, when the 01a. Volume Momentum Indicator (VMI) turns up (cyan color), the market goes up, and red, meaning more contracts were sold than bought on that bar, the market turns down.

New! 3 Tier Volume Difference Profile Indicator - (VP)

The Volume Profile (VP) is a 2nd dimensional horizontal view of the market price and volume difference at each tick or tick range

VP calculates and displays the volume difference for each tick range. Meaning, it takes how many contracts were bought at the ask, versus sold at the bid price and totals the differences plus or negative.

It displays the differences in both color and text.

We went a step further and created the Range Tick Size. This will measure the volume difference as a whole rather than just 1 tick. It combines them into ranges. Much more effective is seeing true momentum.

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Chart Templates

We provide chart templates for you when you sign up.

Each template automatically adds sets of pre-designed indicator groups to your charts for a fast start.

Learning how to use CycleTRADER will be faster than you imagine since we color coded all the CT indicators. One color up and all down colors are red. Easily spot each indicator on each page once you learn the color format.

CycleTRADER Indicators all come with CycleTRADER Smooth Charts

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