#27 - YellowLine Bars - Bressert DDS - 10

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The YellowLine Bar is from my father Water Bressert – DDS Indicator. It is one of my favorite indicator and we made it one of the CycleTrader Core Indicators to have on your charts at all times.

At a 10 length, it is moves a little slower and is more directional than the GL.

We modified all the CT indicators to go from -100 to +100 rather than 0-100. This plays an important row in the Matrix indicator where we times the value by default 10 value. When GL is at 35, it sends a value of 350 to the Matrix. When -35, then it sends -350 to the Matrix value.

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About the inputs -

Same as the GreenLine, but just a 10 Length.

Select to show Cycles, Cycle Count of Indicator, and Breakout Lines (Cycle High / Low Points).

We also added into the equation the VMI volume delta difference. We felt that volume difference leads the way in momentum and using the combination of the math behind the GL, it was a great option to be able to add to the moves.

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Yellow Line Bars - Bressert DDS 10 length
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