#01 VMIa / #02 VMIb / #3 VMI 0-100 - Volume Momentum Indicators - Volume Difference Makes the "Difference".

Discription -

Volume Momentum Indicator.

We take the difference in volume and plot it as a chart format. Then, we applied the cycle count and break out cycle low and high lines. It will show you confirmed volume moves and preview of market change in direction before the change. It really is our favorite new indicators. 

Chart -

VMIa - VMIb Cycle Trader
VMIc CycleTrader 0 to 100
VMIc CycleTrader 0 to 100

How to use the VMI to trade?

The VMI plots like a chart. We look for the indicator bar to go above or below the last bar’s high or low for entry or exit.

We want to trade in the direction of the color.

With VMI a, it is set to a 3 average. The up color is Cyan and the down color is red.

More information -

When we say this indicator is a game changer for trend and reversals, it is an understatement. You will find sometimes the market goes up and the VMI goes down and the ultimate move will be in the direction of the VMI.  Excellent way to fade a move when using math of the VMI.

When the Volume Changes, and the math we apply to the back end as a chart, you can see it clearly!

Chart -

Inputs -

About the inputs -

1. The default is 1 lots or move. You can change lot size to any number and see different results. Meaning, if you put in 50, then it will only register 50 lots or more and discount all lot sizes below this value.

2. The average is the average of the Open, High, Low and Last of these continued values.

  • VMIa = 3 default
  • VMIb = 7 default
  • VMIc = 3 default

3. We then have the option to look back x bars. Our default it 10, but you can play around with this inputs.

4 & 5. The longer you choose the more data it will bring in. You can turn on and off any of the cycle counts and breakout lines.

Video -

#01a - VMI a

VMIa - VMIb - VMIc 0-100 - CycleTrader Chart
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