#24 - Swing High/Low Percentage Range - Buy / Sell Levels

Discription -

This may be simple, but once you “see it” it will be worth the price of admissions.

I have learned the markets really don’t go anywhere. They go up, they go down, and back up.

After the next x bars, days, etc, they are at the exact same level they were just at and went nowhere.

We learned they trade to a percentage of major swing ranges.

We plot from the highest high and lowest low going back X bars. We set this to 100 and can be changed.,

Chart -

Inputs -

Cycletrader percentage buy sell lines
CycleTrader Percentage Buy / Sell Lines

About the inputs -

1. Look X Bars Back – This sets the stage for how far back to look for the highest high or lowest low.

2. a,b,c,d,e,f – Show or not show the percentage levels.

3a, b, c – Sets the colors

4, 4a 5. 5a, 5b – Shifts the values to the right or left.

Video -

CycleTrader Percentage Lines Chart
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