#CT 07 - Level 2 Bid Ask Offers

Chart -

CycleTrader Level 2 Volume Delta Difference

Discription -

Most people have not thought about this idea, but we did. We wanted to see “The Book” of all traders who showed their hands. Meaning, the CME shows up to 10 tick levels up or down the number of contracts that are bid to buy or asked above to sell.

We make the color Greenish on Bottom and Reddish on Top. We do this to show you visually that Greenish is when to buy and Reddish is when to sell.

Inputs -

About the inputs -

This input is from 1 to 10. It shows the difference between how many contract want to buy below the market versus how many contracts want to sell above the market.

Video -

How to use Level 2 CT Indicator -

You can use with a combination of CT other Indicators and see now see when there are a larger number of contracts trying to sell above the market, you can assume that larger traders are looking to either SELL or get out of long positions. Either way, you can now see this in real time.

CycleTrader Level 2 Volume Delta Difference
CycleTrader Level 2 Volume Delta Difference
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