#6 - Continued Volume Difference Chart - Line on Close

Discription -

We did not create the Keltner Bands, but we included it with the download. I call it the road map of the market. We talk about the Bands on the Zone Trader Room many times as reference points. It will show you market direction and support and resistant zones.

Chart -

How to use the #3 - Level 1 Continued Volume Difference Line​ to trade?

The main points we see are both the 15 moving average and the 1.5 deviation levels.  Keep in mind, when the bands turn up or down sharply, the prices can hold these levels and not fade back for a while.We will most likley enter or exit at the SMA or the outer bands.

Inputs -

About the inputs -

Our preferred default inputs are a 15 length with a 1.5 deviation from SMA. You can play around with other settings to widen out the moves or tighten them up. With CylceTRADER, we added a 2nd time frame you can choose to plot.

More information -

For us, we could not trade without having the bands on our charts with the other CycleTRADER indicators. They compliment each other nicely.

Level 1 Continued Volume Difference Chart Line

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