#14 - Above / Below Swing Cycle High / Low

Chart -

ct 14 cycle high low swings

Discription -

It has always been the idea to trade in the direction of trend which is your friend.  When you follow the swing lows up for cycle up and swing highs down for trend down, it helps you stay on where the momentum is.

CT 14 – helps you visually see these trends.

Buy in the direction of the uptrends and sell in the downtrends.

Inputs -

About the inputs -

We updated the indicator to allow more than 1 time frame for trend direction – If you are trading a 5 minute chart, you can apply a 15 or 30 minute chart pattern for example.

We use our CycleTrader indicators to support cycle lows and highs. They are fastest on top of the list to slowest on the bottom of the list. These inputs help shape the cycle patterns.

Video -

ct 14 cycle high low swings
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