Take 5 minute to watch video above about the CycleTrader indicator page.

Customer Comment - 9-11-18 Hi, Jerome, Very impressed with the new DSI indicator. I'm using it in combination with the Yellow, Green Lines and your Smooth_Minute chart and it's been incredible. I've been able to stay in the market when I would usually get out. You and your team have done a great job.

Thomas - Happy Day Trader With CycleTrader
NASDAQ 100 Chart for 9-28-2018 up to 11:00 am today

CycleTrader Smooth 3 Min, 21 Average – Mode 5 Chart

New DSI confirmed both down and up moves even with closes against the up move, the DSI, stayed long.

With CT Indicators, you will…

  • Have more confidence in the market direction.
  • Make the kind of trades you wished for.
  • Have more control of your trades.
  • See trades like the pros.
  • See real-time cycle turns.
  • See a advantage view that most other traders won’t ever see.
  • Stay in trades longer to maximize profit per trade.
  • Hit your daily targets faster.

All this is possible with the right trading tools and education.

All this is in your grasp now…

Gaining an edge with today’s markets requires a different perspective, and CycleTRADER Indicators offers to do just that.

Customer Comment - As soon as I saw the ease of use with your system and how well you treat your customers I was sold. I bought your system yesterday and it’s been great.

Tom A - Arizona Day Trader

When you buy CycleTrader Indicators – You will receive:

  • All the CycleTrader Indicators below and the new DSI and MSI Indicators.
  • All the MadeEasy Indicators
  • The NEW Smooth Chart Types which includes Smooth Minute, Volume and Renko Charts

CycleTrader Indicators.

Click On Each Box To See More Details

Each indicator has it’s special purpose to help you get a price and time advantage when trading the markets.

My personal best chart set up below:

  • Smooth Minute Chart – 3-min, 21 Average – Mode 5
  • Add 2 of the #3D Double Smooth EMA – Make one for the OPEN and the other for the CLOSE, Make the OPEN Orange.  Use Length 1 and 5 Average
  • Add 2 #13 DSI’s with a 10 length, and 10 average — one for the OPEN and one for the CLOSE – I made the color of the OPEN orange and put them in the same panel.
  • Add #14 MSI with a 10 length and 3 average and 3 average of the average.
  • Add #12 Close Strength Value – 10 to 15 Length
  • Add #8 CycleWave
  • Option – Add #4D GreenLine
  • Option – Add #7 or 7A OHL Medium to see the levels.
  • Option – Add #6 PPI which is a combination of all the older indicators into 1
I made CycleTrader so you could be creative.

Test out all the Smooth Charts and indicators to see what works best for your style of trading.

CycleTrader Set Up Look

I'm on vacation this week in the Grand Tetons and wanted to take a look at the market this morning.

Couldn't help but take the trade on the NQ because your indicators made it so obvious that I couldn't resist. Did over 40 points on one move. Made my wife real happy, but had to promise not to turn on the computer for the rest of the vacation. Thanks for the wonderful work you and your team have done

Thomas NQ trader

CycleTrader MadeEasy Indicators –

It does not get any easier to trade than with CycleTrader MadeEasy Indicators

Buy when they turn Green

Sell when they turn Red!

Learn More

New! – Bressert_Smooth Chart Type –

This new chart type comes with the CycleTrader Indicator Package and Systems – Learn More –

Compare CycleTrader Smooth Charts with Regular Charts

CycleTrader Smooth Chart ES Sp500 3 Minute Chart. Even your indicators will be smoother. (Mode 2 Setting)
Same Chart as the one to the left, but a lot more noise using regular candlesticks.

Customer Comments

... I've been working at trading the S&P for two and a half years now and still think that Walter's methods are the most important and the best. None of it is easy, it takes concentration and discipline. But I like your methodology by far the best. It works. Thanks for all your time and trouble in putting out this service each day. Much

Appreciated." --R.B.

"The content of the program is excellent!... I can't imagine how anyone can consistently trade the S&P without understanding the material you teach (cycles)."

T. K. Day Trader

Just wanted to say that you have done probably the most amazing job of programming everything in that I have ever seen! I use Trade-station as my main platform but now will be using Ninjatrader just as much if not more thanks to the great work you did.”

Fred - Day Trader

“I liked the indicator after further evaluation and purchased it. It’s exactly how I like to trade. It looks like a truly valuable help to use in real time trading. You really have great products for my purposes. I’m clearly aligned with where you are positioning to take advantage of the market.”

Adam- Day Trader

"I have been using Walter's Dbl Stochastic5 indicator for several years now. It is by far my favorite indicator of any indicator I have ever used. Thank you very much for contributing to my trading success."

H.W., MN

"Profit Trader is the best set of indicators I have ever used. Thanks" --

S.W., LA

Your stuff really works... I have studied with everybody, and your cycles and technical approach finally put the markets into perspective for me.

Mike M - Day Trader

I have been using ProfitTrader for the past month and it has changed the way I look at the market... Thanks for a wonderful program.

-- Kevin M - IL

Trade any of these Markets with CycleTRADER Indicators:

  • E-Mini S&P 500 (ES)
  • E-Mini Dow (YM)
  • E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ)
  • Russell 2000 (TF)
  • WTI Crude Oil (CL)
  • Brent Oil (BRN)
  • Brent Oil (BRN)
  • DAX 30 (FDAX)
  • DJ Eurostoxx 50 (FESX)
  • FTSE 100 (Z)
  • 30 Year US T-Bonds (ZB)
  • Corn (ZC)
  • Soybeans (ZS)
  • RBOB (RB)
  • S&P 500 (SP)
  • Heating Oil (HO)
  • Japanese Yen (6J)
  • Australian Dollar (6A)
  • British Pound (6B)
  • Canadian Dollar (6C)
  • Dollar Index (DX)
  • 10 Year US T-Notes (ZN)
  • Ultra T-Bond (UB)
  • 10 Yr German Bond (FGBL)
  • Natural Gas (NG)
  • Euro FX (6E)
  • Nikkei (NKD)
  • Gold (GC)
  • Silver (SI)
  • Copper (HG)

"Its the first week I’ve been trading using your methods and indicators and I am already making more day trading than I was making at my full time job!"

Renee - Day Trader

“I am trading for 8 years and watched a few traders using cycles. When I was looking for Walters indicators i came across your website and it’s exactly what i was looking for. The combination of cycles, indicators, trend and PowerCLOSE looks simple, effective and very powerful.”  

Andor - Day Trader