Sat, December 14, 2019

How It Works

1. Sign Up For a Free CycleTrader Demo

Get the CycleTrader Pro Indicator demo here. Don’t be wondering if you could have done better on your next trade?

2. Load The CycleTrader Chart Templates Provided

When you receive the CycleTrader demo we also provide all the chart templates for you. Yes, it is a fast start program.

3. Learn From The CycleTrader Education

Follow the education we provide for free. We cover all the indicators and trading patterns. Education – Here

4. Make Practice Trades Using CycleTrader

There is no limits to how many practice trades you can make to see these patterns live.Get comfortable first.

5. Buy CycleTrader Software - Invest In Yourself

When you “get it” and “see” the patterns using CycleTrader Indicators, or appreciate the systems – Here

6. Start Live Day Trading With CycleTrader

Start to day trade for a living and enjoy your life. You will probably want to go live your first day. Some do!

Mission Statement

To create and provide real time cycle determination trend and reversal indicators to both beginner and advanced traders around the world.

Create the right education and courses to teach the patterns that have proven to work to make money. Share what is possible.

To continue to create auto trading systems inputs that make money consistently using CycleTrader Indicators and chart patterns.

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