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CycleTrader P/L Manager


Is it possible to control so much automatically?

CycleTrader P/L Manager is an add on script for NinjaTrader. I monitors all the CycleTrader Strategies on one page. You can set your combined profit and loss to stop all CT Strategies once these levels are achieved.

It also has a money management trailing stop feature that you can set to ensure you make money that day if the systems turn negative.

This amazing add on tool can change the game for system ideas. You can run all sorts of ideas on a series of different markets and be able to control the outcome on one screen.

CycleTrader P/L Manager Features

What Strategies work with CT PL Manager?

Only CycleTrader Strategies currently work with CT PL Manager.

If you are building your own template using the CycleTrader-FULL inputs and save a template name, it is required that you start the name with _CycleTRADER_(Name Here)

If the first part of the name is not there, it will not load into the PL Manager.

How Does The CycleTrader P/L Manager Work?

Below are a series of web pages that goes through each part of PL Manager. go through each page while you have NT8 up and running and apply to NT as you learn each page to get a full understanding about the in and outs of PL Manager.