CT 01 - VMI - Volume Momentum Indicator
CT 02 / CT 03

Measures the difference in the number of contracts bought versus number sold at the bid. It then plots an average of the open, high, low, last like a chart.

CT 01 - VMI

The difference in volume is called Volume Delta.

We took a unique approach plotting the OPEN, HIGH, LOW, LAST of the volume difference as a Candle Stick type chart format. 
We then have the option to go back X bars to average these values to smooth it out more.

We applied a cycle count and break-out line from the cycle low and high lines to show anticipated turns.

It will help show you trends by showing the volume differences and trend within the volume deltas.

The VMI will also reveal to you where and when the market is at cycle lows and highs when it starts to show the difference changing the other direction.

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