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Actual Customer Submitted Questions / Answers

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We do – On the inputs for each indicators, you can check alerts.

Jerome Bressert

We sometimes change the defaults, but as of today, it is set to

00a. – Moving Average = 8
01a. – VMIa 3 Avg
01b. – VMIb 7 Avg
02. – Direction of Current Bar’s Vol
04b. – Above / Beow Open – TF1 – 800 turn value
05a. – Above / Below SMA Detrend – 200 times value 15 Length / 3 Average
11. – Dir of Greenline – 20 times value
12. – Dir of YellowLine – 20 times value
13. – Dir of RedLine – 20 times value
14. – Dir of PPI – 40 times value – GL, YL RL – 40 times value – 3 avg
16. – Dir of MSI – 20 times value – 4,2,2
17. – OHL Detrend Value – 400 times value – 50 %, 3 average
18. – Cycle High / Low Detrend – 400 times value – Active GL, YL 2 avg

default matrix indicator settings

Jerome Bressert

Unzip template file –

  1. Go to the download folder
  2. Double click on CT template zip file to open
  3. Copy all the template files –

Go to template folder to paste –

  1. Go to NinjaTrader 8
  2. Open template folder
  3. Open folder called Chart
  4. Paste in template files into folder


That is in the chart templates, you will see level 1 t 10, then after each level, you will see CT 09 –


Question – Can analysis be done for options on equities and futures with your program for position trade?

Answer – Yes, we have a number of people who use our indicators for both trend and cycle turning points. You will find that when our indicators are in the overbought position, you will want to sell calls or buy puts. Pay attention to the cycle count of 4 to 9 bars. 

We also have an auto Gann feature that plots at cycle highs and lows.

All this is all true for position trading too. When our indicators are pointing up, stay long for example. The math is one of kind to help see all this.

Thanks and I look forward to your response.


You have to delete your old charts and reload them if we did a change to an indicator.

You also have to delete the old templates and load in the new ones in case a setting is not set.


Yes, we are in a very small way. We have the Greenline, YellowLine and Redline. Better known as the Bressert DDS (Double Stoch) and B-Line (Bressert Line)

We offer it for a small price on this page.

We may someday come back to TS. But as of today, NinjaTrader is much better for what we do.


Yes, just send me an email and there is no charge for this. It only takes a minute to update this new Machine ID.


When you first buy CycleTrader, it is yours for life.  If we do an update and add more to CycleTrader, then we have to cover cost and charge a small fee for this on this page.


At this point I am not charging anything to be part of the Matrix Club – It is a service I want to provide to help support our customers – This could change in the future, but for now, its part of being a customer –

For logging in, sometimes, you have to hit log out, then re log back in.


It’s on this page – It ranges from $50 to $195 depending on the amount of the upgrade cost.


Yes, you can go to the inputs and turn off the average yellow line on top. On the bottom of the inputs, you can make the color transparent.


Jim’s Replay hours later –

Much better…I hit $1,025 and closed it down for the day.  Thank you JRock for this amazing opportunity to make money.  You are not only my mentor, but changing our family’s future and we won’t forget it!!!  I can’t wait to get started on the auto trader tomorrow….

Yes, I can help.
Before you copy over new template files, you must delete all the old template CycleTrader Files in NinjaTrader 8 Template Chart Folder.

You will NOT be installing this file – Copy Only

1. Unzip CT template zip file –

  1. Go to download folder
  2. Double click on CT template zip file to open
  3. Copy all the template files

2. Paste template files into NinjaTrader’s Template / Chart Folder –

  1. Go to NinjaTrader 8
  2. Open template folder
  3. Open folder called Chart
  4. Paste in CT template files into folder


Yes, we have lots of videos,

I am also doing 1 video per indicator on this page.

I have an overview video on this last page. I found it easier to take it one video at a time to explain things

We are however creating this page to go over trade patterns from myself and others who want to submit ideas to share.

Of all the indicators you see today, only 2 came from my Dad, the Greenline and Redline. Everything else you see is all brand new.

Thanks you!


All the new work you see on the site, is for NT8 – But you can get a demo for the indicators and system here –

The price list is on this page –

Jerome Bressert – CycleTrader

The Matrix Club is all online with the Matrix Club Trade Room, Forum, and page to submit and read what is working for you.

Jerome Bressert – CycleTrader

Hi John,  good question, If I had to just pick 2 indicators, which I would not because all the indicators work together, I would choose the GreenLine and Matrix. I would use the Matrix, because I can choose any combination of the CycleTrader indicators in the Matrix. If not the Matrix, then VMIa. With VMIa, I would choose the default 3 average or increase it to 6 or 7.

Jerome Bressert – CycleTrader

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