P/L Manager

Manage all CycleTrader systems at one-time

  • The CT P/L Manager enables you to manage any number of NinjaTrader CycleTrader Strategies at one time.
  • While all original strategy functions, the CT P/L Manager observes them all as one block.

It's been our thought process for a long time, that if you try to build one system to make $500 a day, your odds go down.

However, if you build 10 systems to make $50 a day, your odds go way up.

When all the systems hit your SET profit or loss, they will auto close all trades, cancel all working orders and cease trading until the start time the next trading day.

The P/L Manager improves everything!

For the first time, you can develop many systems that are not looking for home runs, but base hits. Much more achievable!

Suddenly, you take your ball and go home a lot easier and be in control of all your strategies at one time.

Section 1 - Profit/Loss

  • Prefer combined profit for the day.
  • Prefer combined acceptable loss for the day.
  • Pick % close to profits to stop trading for the day.

This segment enables you to set into motion as several CycleTrader XML Input file systems, and when they all hit their objective, up or down, all the systems agree to end trading for the day.​

Section 2 - Operational Controls

  • Update Strategies to bring them into PL Manager.
  • Start the PL Manager to start the monitoring.
  • Stop the monitoring
  • Stop and Close all positions with one click

Section 3 - Strategies / Results / Status

  • Monitor all the CT Strategies
  • Name
  • Status
  • Instrument
  • Data Feed
  • Unrealized Results Per Strategy
  • Realized Results Per Strategy
  • Comments on status

From this view, you will scan all the running systems on one straightforward screen with all the data around each CycleTrader Strategy System. When the max targets are attained, the PL Manager will note the comments on the right side of the spreadsheet, registering the status.

Section 4 - Real-Time Status

  • Monitor Combined live and net results of all strategies -
  • Observe the cumulative unrealized, realized and combined NET results in real-time of all the CycleTrader Strategy Systems combined.

Section 5 - Money Trailing Stop / Status

  • Set the PL Manager up to guard over your profits in real-time.
  • Set when the trailing stop is to begin.
  • Set how far back you wish to trail the stop.
  • Set how frequently you desire to advance the trailing stop up.
  • Observe the high result that all the system reached in dollar value.
  • Displays the estimated exit value.