Never Be Left Behind Entering any Market
Jerome Bressert
Never Be Left Behind​

Let’s first agree to the basics.

  • You will never buy the bottom of a move.
  • You will never sell the top of a move.
  • Most traders get out too early.
  • Many traders get in late with no end game strategy.
  • Most traders do not identify the Open Pivot “OPs” approach.
  • Most traders have no idea of the 4 to 9 bar cycle count.
Trade Desk

This procedure pattern works Best on longer-term charts -
15m, 30m, 60m charts.

  • Watch the Open Pivots and VMI Volume.
  • The first arrow - is an entry as soon as it began down after the down bar. Go Short is the move.
  • The model is to use the OPEN of entry bar as the bar moves as you stop out.
  • If you missed the first arrow, then as soon as the 2nd arrow bar opens, wait for it to go red (below open) Sell, then as soon as it starts down, uses the OPEN of entry bar as a stop. Keep in mind the thought below for the exact pattern.
  • Watch moves below the Keltner Bands as the exit point for shorts and above for longs.
Never Be Left Behind

Trade With a Smile and Expect to Win!

The standard model to enter the market

  • 30m ES500 Chart

Look at the open of the current bar.

What you want in most cases is the market to drop first. Both arrows show this.

Then wait for the market to move above it’s current Open.

This is where you enter LONG. 

The stop then becomes the low of the current bar.

Pretty simple!!!

Best of luck and skill on your next Never Be Left Behind trade. (NBLB)

Does this sound like the type of trading you want to do?
CycleTrader Indicator's math will show you more exact times to do these trades.

That is why I created CycleTrader Indicators. They did not exist before.

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