CycleTRADER Matrix Indicator

Detecting CycleTRADER's math won't demand a long time, although learning what to do when the CT indicators move is logically more critical. Do it one day at a time. While you apply the difference in our VMI Volume indicator to within other CycleTRADER indicators, then it is mathematically difficult not to show the current trend. Think about it. If the market is going up, then there have to be more contracts bought than sold.

CycleTRADER clearly illustrates the algorithms of these CycleTRADER’s Indicators in a chart like format in most cases. Why guess these market directions and patterns? Without math, it would be challenging to be accurate. Why think we are smarter than math? Come on board, and lets beat the markets using math.

The Matrix Indicator is a mix of 3 Groups (25 in all) of Indicators that are combined into one charted indicator using a given weighted value to give more value to those indicators that you feel have more value.
The Matrix Indicators - Each of the Indicators can be displayed separately and combined into The Matrix Indicator.

3 Groups of indicators that make up The Matrix.

  • Volume differences
  • Chart patterns
  • Trading Indicators
Matrix Indicator
Below are the indicators that make up The Matrix Indicators
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Lets beat the markets trading using math

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