Trading The Bressert Trading Cycles

There is one pattern you can count on 100%of the time and every time. Cycles! There will always be a cycle high and a cycle low.

Cycle patters are very powerful!

The markets do not go straight up or down; they have a pattern called cycles.

The big question(s) is when and where you are?


Bressert Trading Cycle Patterns

There are two primary cycles with the Bressert Trading Cycles pattern(s).

  1. Alpha High / Low
  2. Beta High / Low

Past these two-cycle counts are the Gamma and Delta Cycles.

The Gamma and Delta Cycles would show up if the Alpha an Beta Cycle lengths were shorter and allowed more time for them to be labeled before the Trading Cycle (TC) Low.

Our flagship indicator is the CT 15G – Bressert Trading “Greek: Cycles.

All the other CycleTrader Indicators work around the CT 15G Indicator.  We will cover some of these patterns in this mini-course, but you will discover many more as you trade yourself.  We won’t cover every possible set up pattern. This effort would make this mini-course not way too long for most traders.

At the end of this mini-course, you will walk away with a lot more knowledge on how to trader the Bressert Trading Cycles, CycleTrader Indicators, Trends, Stops, Exits and more.

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