Thu, November 21, 2019

Go Fishing To Get Better Fill Prices

How many times have you been in a trade, and the market goes against you?


It is because this is how the markets move and you can use this to get better fill prices.


I bet 98% of the time people get in a trade, that they could have got a better fill price if they just waiting?

Why do we feel the urge to jump in? I know how can now change this pattern to become a better trader.

Go Fishing For Better Fills

This is no joke about getting bad fills – You can relate now.


I see it all the time and I know why we jump in and want to get hurt as a result.

We feel the market will leave us.

THIS IS NOT TRUE 98% of the time.

The markets is not going anywhere fast.

At times it will, but then just wait for the next moment.

Lets change this and find a way to get better fill prices.

Finding a way to get a better fill price on entering the market may be the ALL END when you don't get it, and the best of all when you DO GET IT.

The three ideas of why going fishing for better fills is so essential when day trading?


The 2nd pillar of success we promote is the entry price. You need a substantial fill price to get the 3rd pillar of success, and that is the exit price.

1. When you go fishing for a better fill price, then you can get out with a profit faster and not get stuck in the market if it changes where you usually would have gotten in. (WHICH IT WILL DO)

2. When you go fishing and receive a good fill price and the market’s math changes, then your downside will be lighter when you exit. (YES, MARKETS WILL TURN)

3. Limited significance – Yes, you don’t have to go through all those emotions of being following the market. (BECAUSE MARKETS DO TURN)

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What happens if the math changes while you are fishing for a better fill?

You merely just went fishing for 2 to 6+ ticks better fill price.

You have three opportunities now to exit if the math of trend moves against you.

  1. Get out with a considerably modest loss
  2. Get out and wait.
  3. Get out the similar way you got in using the SF effect and then reversing if the stars line up.

This is the opportunity to change around being sluggish on entry with the markets and use awareness to put those moves in your favor applying the San Fransisco Effect to enter.

What follows if you did not get a better fill? …and you were correct?

It’s 100% okay! Just cancel the orders and anticipate for the next set up.

There are countless times to place other orders.

Just pause for the right fill advantage.

Try not to say, I WAS RIGHT.

It cost you zero to put the orders in the market and tons to enter at the wrong price.

How to know which direction to trade?

 Pay attention to the following:

  1.  Longer-term cycles
  2.  Longer-term charts, 15, 20, 30, 60 minute VMI, Matrix, Greenline Bars, Close Strength, etc., look for an advantage of the move.
  3.  Follow the SMA and direction for the Keltner
  4.  Watch the VMI and Matrix.
  5.  Pay Attention to the short term charts, 1, 3, 5. They will turn first in the direction of the longer-term charts.
  6.  Watch the 4 to 9 bar cycles to when to continue and think about reverse.
  7.  Watch the RBBS (retracement bar buy/sell) patterns.
  8.  Watch above or below the SMA for trend direction.
  9. The list goes on, but you need to see the math for direction.

Can the Go Fishing method work on exiting current positions too? 


Yes, it can!

Most bars do not go further than 100% of the range of the previous bar, and they have San Fransisco effects the other way too.

Let’s go over this again!


When you witness the math change for the direction, you want to trade… set orders above or below the market to go fishing for better fill prices in the course of CycleTrader’s trends.

Remember, it cost you zero to place orders to GO FISHING and potentially huge if you get a terrible fill price by just jumping in without trying to get a better fill price.

Reminder: If you do get filled on your order, and the math switches the other way, your fill price will be significantly better, and the loss can be limited.

What is the best way to enter orders?


We use the Dome for entry when fishing for orders

Meanwhile, as the market math shows you the market direction, click right to buy and left to sell on the DOM.

You can click “X” to cancel all orders or the Close button to exit all open positions and close all working orders.

Let’s challenge it-


We all do not desire to mess up an entry price.

But, if 98% of the time you get in the market move, and you could have done better after you thought about getting in, then apply this approach to get solid fills.

If you miss the better fill, no problem, get the following one when the math shifts in the direction you view the market is going.

Both ways, you have the idea to Go Fishing for better fill prices.

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