Thu, December 5, 2019

Getting Started - Chart Templates

We made it straightforward to load the right CycleTrader Indicators on each chart by creating 10 templates for you when you signed up with CycleTrader.

We began with what we call the Core CycleTrader indicators.

We called this Core Template Level 1 Core Group.

We incorporate the Core Indicator Group on each of the following 9 template levels other than level 9 Daily / Weekly template and level 10 all volume template, which is a smaller version of the Core Group.

CycleTrader Core Chart
CycleTrader Core Chart Templates
On the bottom of each page, you will find this section. Step #1 and #2.  You will start by clicking Step #1 to learn the details and then come back to this page to go to Step #2 –
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