Chart Templates

Download the version you bought.
If you have a demo, download the Platinum version.




Copy the chart templates from the zip file you downloaded to your NT8 folder

  • Go to your download folder

    Double click the zip file you downloaded to reveal the template files
  • Highlight all the files

    Right mouse and select copy
  • Open up your file manager

    Go to Documents

    Go to NinjaTrader 8
  • Find the Template folder and open it
  • Find the folder called Chart and open it
  • Delete all the old files from CycleTRADER

    They will not work with new downloaded files
  • Once in the Chart folder, right mouse click and select paste to paste the new chart templates over

I have create my own templates, will they work with the new download?
The simple answer is they probably won't .

If you like a chart set up you already created, then write down the set up. Then recreate it after the install with the new indicators to make sure the new indicators populate correctly.

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