Sat, December 7, 2019

What you will learn from the CycleTrader Day Trading Course

To over come fear, one must do what they fear the most, and fear will be gone.

The goal for the course was to be able to bring out the best in traders so they SEE the patterns.

You will walk about a better trader, or your money back. It has to work for you!

CycleWave 4 to 9 bar cycle count

You cannot control the markets, but you can control what you do!

Before you trade - You can control the following before you trade

  • How you set up your charts.
  • What Indicators / templates you add.
  • Learning about each indicator in more detail and how each input works.
  • Learn how the Smooth Charts work and what the inputs all mean.
  • Learn the abbreviations used in the Zone Trade Room.

Entering Positions - You can control the following when entering trades

  • Learn about the 4-9 bar cycle to better time your trades.
  • Understand how the CT indicators work by studying them, watching how they turn, learning why some are delayed and why this is good.
  • Understand, study and know why the OP is a key factor in which way you are going to trade, or not trade. How to use this in all your trading decisions.
  • Get to know and understand C-Zones and how to make them work for you, but most importantly that they exists on all charts and how to trade them.
  • Learn how the SMA is key to entry and exit and how markets trade above them in up trends and below them in down trends. Learn to make stab entries at them.
  • Learn and understand all you can about the VMI indicator and how it also has Legs and OP's. Learn about the cycle count on the VMI.
  • You can learn how to watch for 50% of the bar's life for entry on reversals
  • Learn about the Retracement Bar Buy / Sell RBBS and be able to enter the market after the market has made its move and optimize your entry price.
  • You can see what Legs Down and Up are and how to trade them.
  • You can now wait with patience for the set up to enter, and not feel you missed a move.
  • You can accept and know each new bar can tell a new story and accept (be ok with) this story /pattern.
  • You can control the number of charts you have on your screen and what minute charts you display, to give you the best look at the markets.
  • You can learn what it means to have conflicting indicators and how to use the OP's to point you in the right direction.
  • Learn more about what taking a Stab at the market is and when the is the best time to trade this pattern.
  • You can control how you view the market and not tell the market which way it should go; rather listen to the whisper it tells you about which way it wants to go.
  • You can control if you "Just do it" for all the points above and act on these ideas.

Exiting Trades - You can control the following on how to monitor and exit trades

  • You can know how to handle C-zone, Sell the tops, buy the bottoms, watch for break outs, know they exist and they exist a lot!
  • You can control how you learn more about OP's to exit on different time frames.
  • You can 100% learn how to take 1/2 your positions off right away to reduce risk and create free trades.
  • You will be in control of how and where to place your stop out in losing and profitable trades.
  • You can be in control of not telling the market which way to trend and instead listen to the market whispers.
  • You will be in control of what to do on new bars and how to exit by watching OP's, and how to not always exit just on Retracement Bar Buy / Sell patterns.
  • You will be in control on what to do when you see Legs Up and Legs Down and how to use these patterns to stay or exit current positions.
  • Learn all you can about Lower and Upper Keltner Bands. Be in control to exit at the bands in most cases and wait for new set up.
  • You can be in control of all the CT indicator moves and which ones work best for each chart pattern.
  • Definitely be in more control of market exit timing using the 4 to 9 bar cycle count.
  • You can be in control of what you do when you see the VMI indicator moves in your favor or moves against your position, and know how to handle these models.
  • You can be in control of how and when you move your stops and be able to change a stop from a swing high / low, to an OP's open, to exit based on Legs, etc.
  • You can control what do to 50% of a bar's life to exit if you see a reversesal.
  • You can control what to do as soon as you see a bad trade.
  • You can control how to spot double tops and bottoms.
  • You can be ok with the fact that markets will always go up and down and you cannot ever control this.
  • You can control whether you believe trading is all math and whispers, because this will get you in the right mind set.
  • You can control that when you reach your daily profit target, you stop trading, take your ball and go home.
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