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Matrix Trader's Club

CycleTrader Matrix Trading Club

Matrix Trader's Club

CycleCount on the CycleTrader PPI

The concept with The Matrix Club is for you to have a program to be a member of for partaking in producing and studying trading pattern ideas that work with CycleTrader to beat the markets.

When a member of the Matrix Club has a fabulous trading pattern idea that works, they can share these concepts with the Matrix Club members.

In turn, they can study from others for what is making money for them.

Become a better trader with CycleTrader Indicators and support.

ES Matrix Trading Club Results

Register with CycleTrader and gain access to all the of the products that make up the Matrix Trader's Club.

Be one of the 2500 Elite Matrix Traders so you can enjoy trading while making money. Please note, trading does involve risk too. Read disclosures.

Keep in mind, there is no obligation to be a Matrix Club member when you sign up with CycleTrader products or demos. It is just an option for you to have available to learn from others and be part of the Elite 2500 Matrix Club members.

Customer Comment 7-29-2019

I hit $1,025 and closed it down for the day.  Thank you JRock for this amazing opportunity to make money.  You are not only my mentor, but changing our family’s future and we won’t forget it!!!  I can’t wait to get started on the auto trader tomorrow….

Thank you, Jim, CA – Matrix Club Member

When you are a customer of CycleTrader, you will also be part of the Matrix Club where we share ideas together to make daily money day trading using CycleTrader..

This trade to the right was a simple, sell when the CT VMI turned down against the SMA, then we carried it against the high of the Keltner Band.Once the VMIa was below the zero line, we confirmed the direction and stayed short.

Matrix Club Results
Sept - 2019 ES - 3 Min Chart

Customer Comment – June 26th, 2019

I have been burned a few times before and when I contacted Jerome about his indicators, I asked him why these where better. His answer was try the demo and see first. I did this and today I bought them. I was able to see the price point to enter better than ever before. The same CT 09 indicator also gave me the best exit. Thank you Jerome for creating these. It change the way I trade and I am now making money. Up $1450 today on 1 to 4 lots in the ES 500.

Ron J. Day Trader, Tucson, AZ – Matrix Club Member

We designed the CycleTrader Indicators around math. The math is correct when it comes to determining trends and the best entry and exit patterns.

Results Matrix Club
Buy just below SMA when GreenLine Turns up and Keltner Bands moving up at a Cycle Low Band
Matrix ES 500 Results
SMA up, GreenLine Steps up, and the new CT05 Current Volume Delta moving up

You don't have CycleTrader?

The Matrix Club has set into motion for you to be able to submit trading patterns that are working for you.

Subjects titles:

  • Indicator Patterns
  • Volume Patterns
  • Chart patterns
  • Other Patterns – Combination
  • Misc Patterns – Other Indicators
  • Auto System Strategies
Submit simple to complex models. Upload pictures of charts to support the trading pattern profile(s).
Continue to grow, share and become an elite Matrix Club trader using CycleTrader.
ES Matrix Trading Club Results

We just started this page in July, 2019, thus there may not be a number of ideas yet, but they are coming.

When you have an idea that works, submit it for others to read about.

The Matrix Club will grow together by sharing ideas.

Submit a trading / system pattern – Here

We will keep your personal information private.

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