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CycleTRADER's NT8 Chart Template

Interday Template + Daily/Weekly

Chart Template

Download and install instructions:

Make sure you delete all the other ones you have or copy over to be able to see the new templates

  • Go to your download folder and double click on the zip file you downloaded
  • Highlight all the files and right mouse and select copy
  • Open up your file manager - go to Documents and then NinjaTrader 8
  • Find Template, then double click to open the file called CHART
  • Once in the CHART Folder, right mouse click and select PASTE

There will be a number of templates available –

CycleTRADER has several valuable indicators. Individually each one describes a narrative of the trend and momentum of the markets.

At first glimpse, it may appear excessively to full, but once you get personal with each indicator individually, you will rise to see the importance of each one when you are choosing to catch a trade or not.

You can apply these template to your charts, or you can dismiss what you sense you don’t require. I use this template in my trading on all my charts.

CycleTRADER has numerous indicators, and many of our members use other ones not posted here too. Nevertheless, we believe this is an exceptional set up for day trading the markets.

Video - Explaining the indicators
on the CycleTRADER templates.