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CycleTRADER'S Zone Trade Rooms

When you register for the Market Advisory, you will also have access to our Zone Trade Rooms. In the trader rooms, you will be able to chat, view and learn with sound like traders like yourself. We encourage members to share what works and what does not work. What input values you use and more. I (Jerome Bressert) will be in these zone rooms giving insight on markets to further your efforts to be the best trader you can be.

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Zone Trade Rooms

  • SP500 - NQ100 - Dow - Russell
  • Energies - Crude & H-Oil
  • Metals - GC & Silver
  • Currencies - Euro - Pound
  • Interest Rates - 30 Yr Bonds & 10 Yr Notes

We cover all the CycleTRADER Indicators, chart patterns, the who, why and when to enter a trade. Why we got out and what chart, indicator and so much more. You will learn more in 1 week than in 1 year on your own in my opinion. I invite you to try it out.

We have found that most people who lose trading just need some small adjustments on trend ideas combined with entry and exit patterns.

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