Cycle Trader Systems - NinjaTrader 7 and 8

NT8 New System Release Special 
Lease any set of months below and we will double the length of the subscription – Limited Time

Customer Comment – 10-4-18 –  Jerome,  Of all the systems I have looked at over the years, I haven’t seen anything like this…you did an amazing job on how it all came together and works so perfectly!  Thanks….  Frank, CA System Trader

Customer Comment – As soon as I saw the ease of use with your system and how well you treat your customers I was sold. I bought your system yesterday and it’s been great.  Tom – Arizona Day Trader

Customer Comment – I’m on vacation this week in the Grand Tetons and wanted to take a look at the market this morning. Couldn’t help but take the trade on the NQ because your indicators made it so obvious that I couldn’t resist. Did over 40 points on one move. Made my wife real happy, but had to promise not to turn on the computer for the rest of the vacation. Thanks for the wonderful work you and your team have done – Thomas NQ Day Trader

Customer Comment – P.S. I made $2900 yesterday and just made $950 already this morning using two different length SMOOTH NQ charts overlayed on each other… John Day Trader