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Optimize the best inputs...

There are a number of reasons to optimize back testing system strategies. 

CycleTrader System Strategy has many on/off functions throughout it’s 12 sections. In order to find the best values, optimizing can play a key roll. It can also safe lots of time trying  to guess what values are the best values for the input functions.

You will start by going to the NinjaTrader control panel, click New, then Strategy Analyzer.

The NinjaTrader Strategy Analyzer Window has many features and functions. We will cover these first below.

NinjaTrader Strategy Analyzer
NinjaTrader Strategy Analyzer
Strategy Analyzer Results
NinjaTrader Strategy Analyzer Window

Rather than try to recreate all the work NinjaTrader has already done so well, we have simply provided links back to NinjaTrader’s site to start the learning process. Each link will open a new tab page.Take your time and start to get an understanding on how this feature works.

It’s best to spend this time to understand all the functions – Then we will move onto how we put it all together with CycleTrader systems so you can create the best CycleTrader Matrix Strategies.


Strategy Analyzer Overview

Backtesting Strategies

Optimizing StrategiesBacktesting Strategies

Walk-Forward Optimization

Multi-Objective Optimization

Understanding the Genetic Algorithm

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