CycleTrader Made Easy Indicators

The CycleTrader Made Easy Indicators are so easy to trade, anyone could trade them.

  • It does not get any easier to trade the markets.

When they turn green, buy and when they turn red, sell.


Made Easy Look - Bottom Indicator

What are CycleTrader MadeEasy Indicators?

MadeEasy Indicators are a set of 19 CycleTrader Indicators.

They mainly consist of CycleTrader main indicators, but we also included other common used indicators you may already use.

They can use up to 4 different data streams to show longer and shorter term trends.

You can also set filter that they have to be x ticks above or below to turn green or red.

The simple idea is to trade in the direction of the color. It’s Easy!

Real time testing using the MadeEasy Indicators with people who have never traded before right off the street.

I ran a test with 10 people here in Playa Del Carmen who really never traded before and told them them when it turned green, buy and when they turned red, sell. 9 out of 10 of them made money using the NT replay data (basically a way to speed up the day by 500 times) They all had no idea what they were doing other then buy and sell.

After watching the amazing results, it was an “easy” decision to release the MadeEasy Indicators as part of our goal to help traders get an advantage when trading.

The old idea with any indicator is you have to judge too much to buy, sell, hold?  The ME Indicators made it “EASY”!

Try our demo and see for yourself… It will only take a few minutes of your time to know how the MadeEasy Indicators could be your next big advantage.

Detail Links to the all the MadeEasy Indicators

Below are links to each of the CycleTrader MadeEasy Indicators.  We make one ME Indicator for each of the inputs in our CycleTRADER Systems.

You will find all the CycleTrader Indicators and some common indicator like the CCI, MACD, PPO for example.

Choose from 4 Different Data Streams with Ease!

All this can happen in seconds, not minutes and it helps you see the longer term trends now.

This will allow you to trade a short term chart while looking at the indicators on longer term charts without having to have the longer term chart on your screen.

Consider a set up like this – You are trading a 1,2,3 minute chart and you want to only trade in the direction the CT Redline is pointing on a 20 minute chart.  If the 20 minute is pointing up and is GREEN. Then your 2nd set up would be you want to take all the upturns in the CT YellowLine...  You can now do this with easy and it’s either Green to Buy or Red To Sell.. “EASY”!

CycleTraders 4 different time frames

Follow the color changes on the charts.

We made it so you did not have to think about what to do. Set up the ME Indicator, then when it turns green, buy, and red, sell.

PowerOpen Indicator
CCI Entry
CT Cycle Detrend SMA Entry
CT Close Counter Trade

Making a decision on every indicator can make your brain get tired and your nerves go crazy.

Make it “easy” on yourself… with the CT MadeEasy Indicators.

Take most of the “Guess Work” out of trading and enjoy the win!

19 Made Easy Indicators

The projected started out as a way to see the filters live on the screen. 

We then created a way to add all the filters to one filter so we could see a consensus called the Percentage Filter. It’s a percentage of indicators, filters that are long or short.

As we developed the MadeEasy Indicators, we added 3 additional data streams to choose from.

In other words, you could apply the filter to a 5 minute chart, but use a 15 or 30 minute indicators. You can now easily see the bigger picture which is what we call Trend using short term charts.

CT MadeEasy Indicator follow all the CycleTrader Indicators, and other filters we use in the CycleTrader Auto Trading Systems

Link to all 19 ME Indicators –

#_CT_M_Easy_05B1_Filter_CT Indicator Mid Point – B/S Only When CT Ind is Above / Below – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05B2_ Filter_CT Trade In Direction1 – B/S Only In Dir of CT Ind – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05B2a _ Filter_CT Trade In Direction2 – B/S Only In Dir of CT Ind – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05B3_ Filter_CT Fade Indicator – Ent Only When Ind is Above/Below – B/S Lines – here

#_CT_M_Easy _05C _ Filter_PPI Mid Point – B/S  Only When PPI is Above / Below – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05D _ Filter_CT  Cycle Detrend – B/S Only In Dir of Detrend Cycle – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05E _ Filter_SMA – B/S Only When SMA Above / Below SMA Value – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05F _ Filter_CCI – B/S Only When Crosses Above / Below Mid-Point – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05G _ Filter_MACD – B/S Only In Dir of MACD – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05I _ Filter_PPO – B/S Only When Crosses Above / Below Mid-Point – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05J _ Filter_CT Close Strength Value Fade – B/S Only at B/S Lines – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05k _ Filter_CT Close Strength Value Mid – B/S Only Crosses Above / Below Mid-Point – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05L _ Filter_CT Close Counter – B/S Only on Cross Over Values – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05M _ Filter_Aroon – B/S Only on Crosses Over Each Value – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05N _ Filter_Fischer Transformer – B/S Crosses When Above / Below Mid-Point – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05O _ Filter_Momentum – B/S Only Crosses Above / Below Mid-Point – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05P_ Filter_CT Vol Fade – Ent Only When Vol is Above/Below Vol Difference – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05Q_ Filter_PowerOpen – Ent Only When Price is Above/Below Open – here

#_CT_M_Easy_05F _ Filter_WoodiesCCI – B/S Only Crosses Above / Below Mid-Point – here

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