Made Easy Indicators

What are CycleTrader MadeEasy Indicators?

MadeEasy Indicators are a set of 21 Indicators that change color when the indicator alternates.

They were designed because most indicators are moving up and down and can be complex of when to buy or sell.

ME Indicators essentially consist of CycleTrader Indicators, but we also introduced other common indicators you may previously use…CCI, MACD, PPO to name a few.

The simplistic “Easy” idea is to trade in the direction of the color.

CycleTrader Smooth Charts

CycleTrader Made Easy Indicators

The CycleTrader MadeEasy Indicators are so simple to trade; anyone could trade them.

It does not get any clearer to trade the markets.

When they turn green, buy and when they display red, sell.

If it was only this easy, Right? Well, it can be!

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Real-time testing using the MadeEasy Indicators with people who have never traded before right off the street.

I ran an experiment with ten people here in Playa Del Carmen who never traded before and told them when they turned green, buy and when they turned red, sell.

9 out of 10 of them made money using the NT replay data (basically a way to speed up the day by 500 times). All of them had no conception what they were doing other than to buy when green and see when red.

After observing the fantastic results, I “MADE” an “EASY” decision to deliver the MadeEasy Indicators as part of the CycleTrader Indicator Package. Our goal is to encourage traders to get an advantage while trading over other traders, so they make money more often.

Sample MadeEasy Charts

Power Open MadeEasy Example

CCI MadeEasy Indicator

PowerOpen Indicator
CCI Entry

CycleTrader MadeEasy SMA Detrend

CycleTrader Close Counter MadeEasy

CT Cycle Detrend SMA Entry
CT Close Counter Trade

MadeEasy While Trading the ES500