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Every indicator tells a story.

All CycleTrader Indicators

We have created what we believe is the right math for you to make the best choices when trading tops and bottoms.

4 Separate Categories of Indicators that all work together so share the markets story back to you –

  1. Matrix
  2. Volume Delta Differences
  3. Chart Patterns
  4. Directional Indicators

What to expect with the CycleTrader Indicators?  Expect to see when markets are about to turn, or continue trending. 

1. Matrix Indicator

The Matrix Indicator is a mix of 3 Groups of CycleTrader Indicators that are combined into one charted indicator.

You can apply any given weighted value to give more value to those indicators that you feel have more value.

Its like having 18 indicators all in one on your screen.

Matrix CT 00 Indicator

2. Volume Delta Differences

We produced an effective way to plot volume difference. We take the number of contracts bought versus sold and plot these values like a chart. We then average out the open, high, low and last. These Volume indicators are some of the best available.

CT 09 - Bar Volume Delta Profile

3. Chart Patterns

Chart patterns tell the current trend(s) first. You should not ignore them if you want to be the first to get in or out of the markets. 

We have a number of them because we use them in our systems. Some you may not use. But it’s nice to see confirmation of these patterns.

Some of these indicators are listed here for links to them. You will not use many of them, but I had to provide links to the education on them.

Remember to Keep It Simple – Many of these indicators are on the price chart and do not take up space below.

Do you Believe in Cycles?
CT 39 Moving Average Detrend
All CycleTrader Indicators

4. Directional  Indicators

This is where  it all started with the GreenLine, YellowLine and RedLine.

The way we calculate the math with all these Directional Indicators has lasted the time of over 30 years and they still work today on any market and any time frame.

Swing High Lows
CycleTrader Sweet 5 Indicators

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