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CycleTRADER Indicator Quick Review - Page 1

  • #00 is the regular Keltner Bands. We use a 15 SMA with a 1.5 deviation mostly.
  • #1a is the VMI that will be soon a world-famous volume indicator. We took the number of contracts bought at the ask versus sold at the bid, and then we plot like a candlestick chart the OPEN, HIGH, LOW and LAST. Then we smoothed them out with an average. There are 2 VMI’s so you can plot different averages. 1b is plotted using orange up closes verses 1a, that plots cyan.
  • #2 Current Volume difference shows the difference of volume on each bar.
  • #3 continued volume spread is the same math as above, but it is a continuous line on the close spread of the volume differences.
  • #4 level 2 volume difference is the number of contracts looking to sell ten levels above the last price versus the number of contracts looking to buy below the last price, and we plot these values to show the more prominent traders.
  • #12a CycleWave indicator plots many ideas. What you see above are the cycle lows and highs cycle count and breakout line. It has 9 other features.