CycleTrader Education

These are the subjects coming –

Double Down Entering With Stops
Do you Believe In Ops?

Trading is not perfect
Do You Reach For Profits, Or Get Stopped Out?
Do You Go Short After Being Long?
Good Matrix Set Ups Using SMA Detrend
Enter / Exit Around the Bottoms / Tops
When Do You Start To Believe In the Indicator(s)?
What it Takes to Stay in for the Big Move(s)
What You Get / Give-Up when Getting Out Fast Small Profit(s)
How Many Times Can You Sell The Top / Buy The Bottoms?
Let the Market “Tell You” Which Which Way To Trade – Market Whispers
I Can’t Trade In Fear Of Being Wrong
CycleTrader Indicator Mid Section(s)
I Need to Be Right!
Count On Cycles 100% of The Time
What to Trust the Indicator Direction or The Close?
Take 1/2 Off – Take Something Off
Protective Stops – Moving Stops
Get Stopped Out, Get Right Back In
Bad Trade – What to do?
Markets Go Up and Down – Markets Go No Where FAST!
Its all Math: 1+1 = 2 – Wanting to be Right Verses Being Right
Why CycleTrader Indicators

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