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CycleTRADER's CycleWave Indicator

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09. _CT_09_CycleWave Features – This indicator is 10 indicators in 1.

1. Auto Show Cycle Bands for highs and lows – Fixed for 4 to 9 bars out for the following cycle high or low, but can be modified if you see fit.

2. Auto show PriceWave Windows – Marks the distance or the previous bar’s range and then magnifies this move above or below the next bar in real-time with a tented box window. The measurement is 25% to 100% of the prior range , but you can modify these values if you see fit.

3. Auto shows Fibonacci Retracement – Since we have the real cycle low and high in place, it is accessible to auto display these values ahead of the current market’s move.

4. Auto show Gann Fan Angles – Comparable to input #3, we use the cycle highs and lows to illustrate those Gann Angles before of the current market price movement.

5. Auto show UP and DOWN trend lines – This function will paint trend lines on after each cycle low and high that is established. move and erase the past ones not to cloud up your charts.

6. Auto show Price Target Windows – Price windows uses the range of X bars back and then predicts time and price boxes above and below the current market to give an insight of where the market is anticipated to advance before the move occurs.

7. Auto show Breakout Swing High / Low lines – Simplistic process if you have the previous bar highs and low cycles and we do. Utilize these lines to be long or short above and below.

8. Auto show Speed Angle Lines – We mark the angle of the previous high to low and vice versa and then extend into the future these same angles in anticipation of a related angle move into the future.

9. Auto show Congestion Boxes – We join the high and low of X bars back as one trade box. You can instantly mark the ranges of these price chart patterns grouped.

10. Auto show Projection Triangles – From each cycle low or high, these triangles will extend into the future time and price of the next move based on the cycle length in into #1 above.

09. _CT_09_CycleWave Benefits –

1. Auto Show Cycle Bands for highs and lows – Observe the timing for every cycle high and low before it arrives. Be in charge of your trade timing in real-time.

2. Auto show PriceWave Windows – Assists you to stay in line on each bar what is anticipated for the next price advance. You will discover the market does not go 100% above or below the last bar’s range which will assist you with your entry and exit price intentions and expectations.

3. Auto shows Fibonacci Retracement – Yes, these patterns do exist and Cycle Wave can spare you tons of time and trouble to plot these values after each confirm cycle high and low.

4. Auto show Gann Fan Angles – Comparable to #3 above, these Gann Angles will also spare you time and trouble when plotted on after each cycle high or low is established.

5. Auto Show up and down trend lines – Don’t consume time attaching trend lines to your chart when CT can do it for you to loosen you up the time to trade.

6. Auto show Price Target Windows – For the first time, based on up-to-date price action, you can display when and where the next price move is expected up or down. A substantial visual advantage to see the future market moves before they happen.

7. Auto show Breakout Swing High / Low lines – It is desirable to sometimes see these line on your chart for support and resistance, so you are further in command of the anticipate current trends.

8. Auto show Speed Angle Lines – Most traders have not conceived this, but markets tend to go up and down in the corresponding angle as the previous cycle move. Instantly see this on your charts.

9. Auto show Congestion Boxes – Consolidating price movement into price boxes helps remove the wiggles of prices on your charts so you can stay focused on the current overall trends.

10. Auto show Projection Triangles – Now imagine seeing where the market is likely to top and bottom in the futures, now you can with this input function. You don’t have to attend too far beyond these predictions.

09. Which means that the _CT_09_CycleWave will present plenty of healthy ways to see the market trends, cycles, breakout points, price objectives and much more so you are in control of your trading.

While trading the markets, everyone desires to see the future price and time objectives, and with CycleWave, you will be able to do this and much more.

Don’t be abandoned in the dark much longer!

This one indicator, for the most part, could be the only indicator you would demand to be thriving, But, we have several more to tell the story of the current and anticipated moves ahead.